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Susan Czopor

Leaving a ocular trail of her inspirations and aspirations, Susan Czopor's rhythmic oil paintings hope to reflect her thoughts and emotions on a two dimensional picture plane. Since graduating in the late nineties, Susan has had works in numerous exhibitions including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal Academy, London.
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Tatiana  de Stempel

Specialising in oil and canvas and ink on rice paper, Tatiana De Stempelís work combines the human figure with symbolic imagery. The permutation of elements seems to create a biographical code by which she explores and develops her own unique visual language. Tatiana De Stempel currently lives and works in London.
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Ammonite  Designs

Creating wonderfully contemporary jewellery at amazingly affordable prices, Ammonite Designs is the latest acquisition to our popular Crafts section. Specialising in Glass, Abalone and precious metals the work is available for sale now, or to commission. Ranging from 20GBP to 60GBP this beautiful jewellery would make a perfect present for yourself or a loved one.
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Lino Di Vinci

Although Linoís work is far from the realms of Graffiti Art, he takes great inspiration from Graffiti combining itís forms and colours with his passion for light and geometry. Lino Di Vinci was born in Italy 1962 and began receiving National acclaim in the early nineties. His growing reputation has subsequently led to exhibitions throughout Europe and America.
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John Downham

Londonart is pleased to have on its roster of talented artists and makers "the only segmented woodturner in the world who relies on handplanes to construct turnings". This is something we needed to be told as alas we do not know enough about the process involved in making such an object. But armed with that knowledge, this vase or urn is even more desirable and awe inspiring. A feat of human effort but a shiny smoorth object of beauty made from five different kinds of wood.
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Christine Harfleet

Christine Harfleet's work is inspired by a "fascination and appreciation of the earth and its natural rock formations - fossils with their hidden secrets, sea and water movements and plants and cell life." Drawing plays an important part in the creation of her work and forms a strong foundation to her working practice. Sketching directly from life when out on location, Harfleet uses her drawings to help recapture the form and feeling of nature once she is back in the studio. Educated at Goldsmiths College of Art in Fine Art, where she gained a degree and postgraduate Diploma she currently specialises in photography, sculpture and painting. Christine Harfleet lives and works in Brighton where she regularly exhibits her work.
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Henry Herman

Henry Herman has been sculpting in wood for over 30 years and lives in the rural Cotswolds. His passion is horses, especially the Arab breeds: riding, breeding, drawing and sculpting them.
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Alun Heslop

Alun Heslop is a contemporary chair maker/designer creating new, innovative chair forms. Reinterpreting a sense of the traditional with an eye to the future. Designing and creating harmonious and aesthetically pleasing chair sculptures.
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Edyta Ignaczak

Edyta Ignaczak is predominantly a printmaker who uses traditional drawing and printmaking methods as well as exploring advanced digital technology. Using her chosen medium to visually explore a subject or concept, her work is as much about the first mark on the page as it is the last. Through the layering of line and form Ignaczak creates a concentrated sense of history and a transparent sense of discovery in each raw and often emotional piece. Currently living in London her work is in private collections across the South of England.
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