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Carlos  Rodal

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 1964, Carlos Rodal is part of a generation of plastic artists that emerged in the early 1990ís. Rodalís paintings and sculptures take reference from the past, yet look to the future with equal fervour. Merging traditional and modern techniques his work reflects his search for the ultimate path to visual expression and communication. Defining his art as, ďthe conceptual and poetic expression of the human mind and spirit through material media.Ē, Rodalís work explores the structure and systems of the language of plastic arts, in harmony with the transfiguration of formal elements. Carlos Rodalís work is exhibited on an international scale with works on show in, Mexico, Turkey, Massachusetts, Bosnia, South Africa, Australia, and New York.
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Karen Stamper

Karen Stamper is predominantly a figurative artist working with oil paint. Karen tends to paint places and people she is familiar with, although her active imagination enables her to develop narratives which add her own unique twist on reality.
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Virginia Stuart

''Seascape, the deep blue sea, a nautical gateway, imaginings, poetry and reflection. The minds eye sees where no light shines. A specific gravity rules the waves. Rust and rivets resist salt and water, the sea dissolves all while the wind blows.''Virginia Stuart
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Sinclair Taylor

Sinclair Taylor has a BA and postgraduate MA in Ceramics, graduating in 2000. His current work explores contemporary techniques of ceramic glazing and firing. Over the years Taylorís empirical approach has helped him to develop a complex language in ceramic. His sculptural form and complex surface pattern result in some beautiful pieces of objet díart. Currently living and working in Weston-Super-Mare, Taylors work has been exhibited across the UK.
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Ronnie Tucker

Ronnie paints serene scenes of lakes, mountains and castles. His career in landscape painting continued only recently, after a period of work in digital media. Ronnie discovered that paint gives an artist more freedom and influence than computer led art, therefore he is planning to develop his skill in oil and watercolour.
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Judith Walker

A highly experienced professional artist, Judith has exhibited internationally and all over Britain. She has completed many public commissions and been nominated for prestigious art prizes. The artwork she shows with Londonart are a series of straight-talking colourful acrylics on canvas, which are very direct. So much so that some even have messages scrawled graffiti-like into the paint itself. The painting talks back!
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