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Pawel Barylo

A skilled and experienced marine engineer, who is an expert in aspects of marine power plant and auxiliary machinery, structure building, welding and design, Pawel Barylo has recently begun to create these miniature models of domesticity in stainless steel. Barylo’s engineering skills have obviously influenced his art, and it is fascinating to see him translating materials which are traditionally associated with industry in to these miniature and delicate domestic constructions
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David Batty

David Batty's exhibition, collectively entitled " I didn't know that I knew" displays a series of works which focus on the pursuit of truth and balance. The collection has taken Batty three years to complete and reflects his own sense of dedication and creative development throughout that time. Batty comments, "Whilst creating "I Didn't Know that I Knew" I uncovered many lies, lies I once believed to be the truth! The problem with beliefs, is, we believe them to be true! It can be "hard work", to ask ourselves why we believe or disbelieve what we do or don't." Adding, "I've no intention of asking you to believe or disbelieve anything. Please view my work and think about what you think you see…This work is aimed at helping us to question our beliefs…Please enjoy the Journey through the exhibition and remember- 'The truth shall set you free.' For more information on this series of works please click here .
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Jorge Berlato

There is a wide variety of styles apparent in the work of artist Jorge Berlato who has shown widely across Spain, Brazil and America. The pieces shown here span differnt media such as watercolour, screenprint and mixed media works. The artworks in this last category often seem to have sand as one of their main ingredients, perhaps reflecting the landscape influence of the sunny climes from whence the work takes its inspiration. His subject matter includes love, seasons, faces and dancers...nostalgic sentiments we can all identify which he selects to portray in a number of styles.
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Amy Bernays

After completing her BA at Central St Martins College in 2001, Amelia Bernays' work has gone from strength to strength. In 2003 she had two high profile exhibitions which have led to a number of prominent sales. Her work is now held in numerous private collections in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles and her most recent work is represented in collections across London and the UK.
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Esmond Bingham

Bingham is fascinated by the ways that sheet materials, such as wrapping paper, card and glass, can both describe subtle volume and be harnessed to investigate a variety of contexts and ideas.
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Nicky Bray

Nicky Bray finds her inspiration from the human form and the way in which the skin visually reflects and documents our lives. Exploring the human obsession of self image, her work hopes to capture the details, the seductive curves, creases, textures and imperfections of our body, that help expose our inner selves. Using moulds taken directly from life, her work relies on the meticulous casting process and the ethereal quality of her chosen materials to nurture the idea of sensuality and intrigue.
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Ewa Bukowska

A member of the Polish Artist Association, Ewa Bukowska is one of our talented Polish artists. Initially training under two of Poland's more established artists, Ewa Bukowska has now been painting for over twenty years. A figurative painter working in oil on canvas and acrylic on canvas, her paintings use form and colour, pinks, violets and purples, to help create a strong sense of mood and narrative. Her work has been exhibited across Poland in both group and solo exhibitions.
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Piotr Burger

Sculpture can be many things; human, devotional, organic, harmonious, confrontational or intriguing. Some sculptors seek to replicate the natural lines and forms of the world around us while others seek to create something new. Burger makes objects that are fresh, interesting, crafted and enjoyable. His work contains elements from art history, yet is entirely new and original and he creates sculptures to make the viewer smile and brighten a room. To him, anything can be used in order to create art; no material is deemed unworthy of exploration. No image is preferred over another. This is rustic art that takes nature as a starting point and develops it onwards using a set of ideas and standards to create something original and captivating. Only after several views does the audience start to appreciate the endless details and wry humour evident here. Having exhibited and sold all over Poland, we are very pleased to help Piotr reach a wider audience here in the UK.
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