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sebastien fitch

When an artist's work is described as having a 'dream like' quality to it, nine times out of ten the paintings have a hazy and somewhat vague characteristic to them - created by delicately applied brush mark, often in soft, meditative colours. Although Sebastien Fitch's works are firmly within the realms of reality, they have a pensive otherworldly sense to them, as if lost in thought and absorbed from within.Sebastien Fitch is an artist originally from Toronto, Canada, who has been living in the U.K. for the past two years. He works in various media: wood, steel, paint, collage - whatever he has access to and feels would best suit a given idea.
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Flow Fitzgerald

Predominantly influenced by classical art, both of the Greek and renaissance period, Florence Fitzgerald is a sculptor who is very much inspired by the human form. “I love to work with the life model because there is a special creative energy there. I try to capture a little bit of the spirit and the soul of the person I’m working with. I find the process a very powerful experience. For me the relationship with the model is an integral part of my creative process.” She says. A self taught artist, Fitzgerald was born in France and currently lives in London.
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James  Flavell

James Flavell has created an exquisite range of wood sculptures which currently focuses on water droplets and ripples. “After seeing the 1950 Escher piece ‘Rippled Surface’, I began to study the effect of drops hitting a still water surface and started work on this theme in January 2007.” he says. Working with an impressive selection of wood, from African Padauk, Elm, Maple and Cherry his work draws out the natural beauty of the wood while reflecting and exploring a momentary reaction of nature.
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