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Justine Kerr

Justine Kerr is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland and now lives in Canada. While studying her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Dundee University, she spent two semesters at NSCAD University, Nova Scotia, Canada. This experience proved to be life changing. Here she finds her true calling for stone carving , and her future husband to boot. “I am interested in the dichotomies within myself...exploring these visually in my work; the contrast of textures within stone evokes a warming in my heart……polished stone, the blazing beauty of the intricacies of hidden colours interfaced with contrasting rough markings made by my tools. This is conveyed well in my stone carvings, ‘Imminent’ and ‘Inextricably Bound’, she says. In 2006 and 2008, The Nova Scotia Art Bank purchased Justine Kerr’s art work for their collection and she was recently been awarded a creation grant from the Nova Scotia Arts Council.
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Alex Kirkwood

Recently graduated from Bartlett School of Architecture, London, Alex makes fine use of a cutting-edge technology, 3D printing. He bases his urban forms on satellite images from early Google Maps, celebrating their inaccuracies, errors and distortions to create miniature vistas that appear familiar yet also look rather odd.
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Damjan Komel

Born in Slovenia in 1971 Damjan Komel began making sculpture in 2001 under the guidance of the Slovenian sculptor Janez Pirnat. After completing an art degree from the Famul Stuart School of applied Art in Ljubljana in 2004, he has taken part in group exhibitions in Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Croatia.
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Kaz Krewniak

Kaz Krewniak is a monumental sculptor who has designed a number of public sculptures in Poland and Germany. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, specialising in Industrial Forms.
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