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Susan Mulley Bennett

Susan Mully’s beautiful sculptures seek to question our sense of being our relationship with mortality.
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Sally McKay

In order to obtain a level of fluidity and elegance of form and movement, Sally Mckay creates all her drawings and wire sculptures directly from life. Fascinated with contemporary dance Sally spends a sustained amount of time at rehearsals, drawing and sketching the performers as they move, closely observing how movement and dance affects their bodies through their expression of narrative. Sally McKay creates both sculpture and painting that reflects a balance of both. In spring 2004 Sally is working closely with the award winning choreographer, Lea Anderson.
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Ronen's sculptures are abstract and figurative and one is left with impression of beauty and dynamic rhythms that are characteristic of every piece. Ronen's work is influenced mainly by the arabic and mediterenian culture. All his sculptures are available to order in foundry bronze, wax, Clay and plaster.
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Debora Mattos

Debora Mattos only creates her organic wood sculptures using dry and or fossilized wood. This has resulted in not only eco friendly work but sculpture which has a unique and fundamental sense of history and age.
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Philip Melling

We are proud to host the highly professional sculptures of Philip Melling here at Londonart. He is a prolific artist and his current collection ‘Elements’ focuses on Earth, Air, Water and Fire, and describes the reaction of when those elements meet. He uses flat steel bar, to generate concepts and capture the movement of elemental reactions. His works are suitable for indoor display but are also perfectly suited to larger scale and outside installations for private or public spaces.
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Ivan Mitev

Born in 1967 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria Ivan Mitev graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Plovdiv in 1986 with major black-and-white drawing and Etching. A member of the Guild of Masters of National Crafts as a master of iconography, he has participated in group exhibitions across Germany Bulgaria, and the USA .
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