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David Newman

It is difficult to believe that David's sculptures were once unwanted blocks of stone or unused pieces of wood. What others may consider superfluous, David finds inspiration in. For him the initial material has got a potential that waits impatiently to be realised. David has got an ability to bring stone and wood, which are believed to be unanimated matter, to glamorous life.
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Johan Nieuwborg

Johan Nieuwborg has been making art for over fifteen years. His metallic sculptures are created by using air pressure to push, expand and shape lead into some wonderfully organic forms. Once this initial stage has been completed Johan works to develop and extenuate their character, adding and expanding form until satisfied with the whole. The lead is then plated, often by using a Silver Tin finish which gives an extra depth and character to each piece.
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Anil Nijhawan

Born in India, Anil Nijhawan moved to the UK when he was very small. Influenced by both Indian and British contemporary art, his work compliments and amalgamates both an aesthetic style, and subject matter, which are familiar to both cultures. A self taught artist his paintings are now held in private collections as far apart as Trinidad, UK and the USA.
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