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Pat Rae

Pat Rae studied at Bournemouth Art School and the Michaelis School of Fine Arts in Cape Town before going on to Study Post graduate at the Royal College of Art London. She spent several years working in Africa and on the Greek island of Paros, before establishing her studio in London, England. Pat Rae regularly exhibits her work in London and abroad and has recently exhibited works at the Royal Academy, England with The Royal society of Sculpture, England.
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Ian Ray

Ian Ray produces work that… "Functions on the play between subject and object. It is always my intention to explore the subtle and complex relationship between perception and preconception, each time I produce a piece of work." Since completing his Masters Degree at the Royal College of Art in 1997, Ian Ray has gone on to have numerous exhibitions across Britain and abroad and now lectures at a number of Art Colleges in Britain. His work is in public and private collections across Europe.
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Born in Israel in 1957, Dubi Roman has been the Senior Editor for Israel Educational Television, since 1983. He is also an avid nature art photographer who now devotes his professional time between both. His images are both technically and visually outstanding and are held in numerous image libraries and private collections throughout the world. Dubi Roman's photographs have been featured in more than 30 exhibitions worldwide, won multiple awards, and have been the subject of over 30 press articles and reviews. His works are collected by corporate collectors and by individuals in Tel Aviv, the UK, and the USA. Roman is the Senior Editor at Israel Educational Television since 1983 and has been a professional Nature-Art Photographer since 1994.
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Marco Ronga

Marco Ronga's distinctive approach to the human form comes from his training as an Architect. Marco approaches his figure as 'plastic volumes or as surfaces lying in space';, rather than personalities or spiritual beings in familiar environments. This is not to say that his paintings aren't emotive, on the contrary, the strong sense of a mood or emotion is created by his strong use of colour, in particular his use of blues and yellows. Marco Ronga lives and works in Venice.
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