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Sally McKay

In order to obtain a level of fluidity and elegance of form and movement, Sally Mckay creates all her drawings and wire sculptures directly from life. Fascinated with contemporary dance Sally spends a sustained amount of time at rehearsals, drawing and sketching the performers as they move, closely observing how movement and dance affects their bodies through their expression of narrative. Sally McKay creates both sculpture and painting that reflects a balance of both. In spring 2004 Sally is working closely with the award winning choreographer, Lea Anderson.
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The eyecatching work of mORGANICo aaaRT is wide ranging and highly imaginative. Using a variety of different media such as spraypaint, lacquer and gold leaf, this maverick artist is one of Londonart's most "out there" individuals. The sardonic art of mORGANICo aaaRT would look at home anywhere, whether it be in a cool post-modernist loft apartment or on the walls of a council estate. This is art with meaning but a great sense of fun.
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Sara Adams

Using paper-clay, wire and mesh, Sarah Adams’ has pieced together the fragile and often crumbling architecture of her childhood memories and combined them with her present interest in derelict buildings and ruined Abbeys. Together these decaying skeletal references act as a metaphorical vehicle, enabling her to explore the parallels between human psychological decay and exterior physical decay. This results in these wonderful human sculptures.
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Victor Agius

Victor Agius was born in 1982 and currently lives and works in Gozo, Malta.After completing an art degree from the University of Malta he has exhibited in Baveno, and Florence, Italy and locally at the b’art Art Gallery in Sliema, Malta. He has a number of art works held in permanent collections around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo, Domenican Republic and the Musee de Civilasations de l’Europe e de la Mediterranee in Marseilles, France. His works are also held in private collections across Malta including the office of the Prime Minister,Malta, and the Italian Embassy in Malta. Victor Agius exploits his work as a medium to incite a transmission of energy through which he seeks to compel the audience by his process of experimentation and self-discovery..
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Wilson Alan

Having completed a BA in Fine Art in the late seventies, Alan is currently studying an MA in Digital Art at Camberwell College, London. Inspired by the human form, his previous work centered on the life room and focused his painting and draftsmanship in a representative style. His more recent work focuses on his empirical understanding and knowledge of three dimensional form. By simplifying and exposing his drawing mechanisms and technique, Alan creates imagery which is representative, diagrammatical and instructional.
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Adrian Ashley

Adrian Ashley has received several awards including winning the 2006 Platinum Design Innovation Award. His work has also been featured in the Goldsmiths' Craft & Design awards and the last three Tahitian pearl trophies. Quite literally created on a “desk top” scale, he specialises in precious metals and gemstones. Formed in some of the most luxurious of materials known to man, his work is robust and small enough to be transported in the pocket or bag. Ashley’s work can also be worn as elaborate pieces of contemporary jewellery. “The pieces I make can be removed from the oxidised silver plinths they are supplied on so that the implausible weight of the precious metal and tactile qualities of the sculptures can be explored to help relieve stress or inspire positive thought.” Adrian Ashley initially trained at Epsom Art School to study design and subsequently trained as a professional goldsmith.
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Amanda Jayne Aspinall

Amanda Jayne Aspinall is an abstract painter who lives in Lancashire. She works in acrylics, oil and collage, sometimes applying materials to the canvas. Her canvases are bold and bright and would cheer up any room.
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Pawel Barylo

A skilled and experienced marine engineer, who is an expert in aspects of marine power plant and auxiliary machinery, structure building, welding and design, Pawel Barylo has recently begun to create these miniature models of domesticity in stainless steel. Barylo’s engineering skills have obviously influenced his art, and it is fascinating to see him translating materials which are traditionally associated with industry in to these miniature and delicate domestic constructions
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David Batty

David Batty's exhibition, collectively entitled " I didn't know that I knew" displays a series of works which focus on the pursuit of truth and balance. The collection has taken Batty three years to complete and reflects his own sense of dedication and creative development throughout that time. Batty comments, "Whilst creating "I Didn't Know that I Knew" I uncovered many lies, lies I once believed to be the truth! The problem with beliefs, is, we believe them to be true! It can be "hard work", to ask ourselves why we believe or disbelieve what we do or don't." Adding, "I've no intention of asking you to believe or disbelieve anything. Please view my work and think about what you think you see…This work is aimed at helping us to question our beliefs…Please enjoy the Journey through the exhibition and remember- 'The truth shall set you free.' For more information on this series of works please click here .
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