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Kenneth Clarke

A former Mr Universe, Kenneth has since turned from body sculpture to art and in so doing has evinced a fine appreciation for the female form. Elsewhere, a love of music is revealed both in the use of music notation and pulsing forms, with twisting shell-shapes alluding to the fractal imagery of chaos theory.
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Anthony Coppard

Mixed media work offers much to the viewer as it also animates the surface of the picture. Anthony Coppard, unusually, employs inks, clay and resin to create his highly considered compositions. As well as landscapes and still life, he tackles the more serious themes of war and peace, especially post- 9,11. Anthony has innovatively worked to develop the textural aspects of his work in response to community work with a local special educational needs school.
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Oliver Creed

Oliver Creed studied Sculpture at the Norwich School of art in the late 80's. Working as a professional artist for over fifteen years, Creed now enjoys a reputation as one of Norfolk's significant stone carvers and foremost sculptors. Specialising in Stoneware his abstract sculptures are held in both public and private collections here in the UK and abroad.
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Susan Czopor

Leaving a ocular trail of her inspirations and aspirations, Susan Czopor's rhythmic oil paintings hope to reflect her thoughts and emotions on a two dimensional picture plane. Since graduating in the late nineties, Susan has had works in numerous exhibitions including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal Academy, London.
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Kelly-Anne Davitt

It is not difficult to understand why, since her graduation in 2002; Kelly-Anne Davitt's portraiture painting has become much-admired and highly celebrated, both from the art establishment and her contemporaries and from private art buyers and collectors alike. Kelly-Anne's work, commended for its unarguable talent and ability by the National Portrait Gallery, London, was shortlisted to appear at the National BP Portrait Awards 2003.
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Stephen Dillon

Having graduated and exhibited in Northern Ireland, this gifted ceramicist creates deeply emotive sculptural pieces that truly stand out from the crowd. Packed full of emotion and power, this is work from a promising artist and we hope to exhibit more works in the future.
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Barbara Douglas

The physical world provides endless inspiration for artists around the world. For Barbara Douglas, the natural spaces of the African continent provide endless fascination. She captures the majesty of grazing lions with an impressionistic hand that shows their manes and figures radiating in the fading light of dusk. When she paints humans she creates images of popular stills from the movies, or of the heroism of well-known sportsman in the final stages of victory. Her work is already selling well on this site for its beautiful handling of forms and colours and we are sure that many of customers would find a good home for these beautiful canvasses.
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Laura H Elliott

For Laura Elliott, drawing, painting and photography play an equally important role. Principally working in acrylic and oil paints, Laura's work aims to explore concepts of, emotion, memory, location, self, and identity and uses a variety of techniques and mediums to do this. Central to her work, its identity and aesthetic is her uplifting use of colour. "I feel that colour can explore and connote a deep emotional meaning to viewers of my work and this is a central consideration when each piece is created." She has exhibited her work across the UK and has work in private collections across Britain and America
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Graeme Evelyn

Londonart is most proud to welcome to its roster an artist with a fascinating CV whose powerful work is critically acclaimed. Graeme Evelyn's work is historically important in the way it enables new audiences to question institutional spaces such as churches, cathedrals and museums. His work has been collected by prestigious institutions such as Gloucester Cathedral, African American Center Princeton University, Cornell University NY and the Museum in Docklands London. Currently researching and developing in collaboration with Historic Royal Palaces and The Royal Collection, a major project for Kensington Palace for 2013, this is a significantly collectable artist.
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