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Pasquale Lagatta

Pasquale Lagatta's work is a paradoxical mix of approaches. On the one hand his work are re-creations of superstar icons such as Elvis, Amy Winehouse and Marilyn who have by now become utterly familiar. But on the other, they are conjured up with a difference: be it that their outline is 'drawn' in a thin metal sculpture, or that they feature on a dictionary page which once 'lived' back in 1938. Billed on the site as 'Original and unique' they form an ironic commentary on the fame machine and its inexorable need for new 'editions' or versions and our need to idolise and make special those who excel or fill an emotional need in the public's heart.
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Pierre  Lamont Dingley

Here at LondonArt we appreciate any artist who can use a variety of styles and techniques to express their feelings on canvas. Pierre Lamont Dingley is one such artist, whose skill lies in his ability to create wonderfully detailed seascape paintings, vibrant abstracts and tribal inspired sculpture. In each medium he shows a truly gifted hand, whether it is in capturing the light bouncing off a wave or understanding the complimentary nature of his abstract colours. He uses a wonderfully wide array of painterly skills, showing his talent as a learned and practiced painter of the natural world. The same scene is painted in daytime and in the evening, exposing the artist’s understanding and handling of light. His seascapes are airy and varied, with brooding colours or wonderfully inviting horizons. Each canvas is a magnificently captured moment of time, space or thought and we are very pleased to be able to bring his work to a wider audience.
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Peter Lawrence

Peter Lawrence is one of the few artists we have who work with this intriguing medium, which is at the same time so transient and everyday, yet so full of potential. With its connotations of packing, passage and unwrapping, it comes preloaded with meanings that are universal across the globe. The piece entitled 'Omphalos' is fitting in this sense, this being the Greek term for the stone at the Apollo in Delphi, which marked the umbilicus or navel of the whole world. Lawrence really draws out the expressive possibilities in these unique sculptural reliefs.
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Philip  Lendrum

Born in England in 1957, Philip Lendrum now lives and works in Honk Kong. Describing his work as “rational expressionisms”, he allows the “impulses of the unconscious”, to guide him. “The act of applying paint, layering images on top of one another, involving oneself physically with the surface of the object; creates unconventional formal results”. He says.
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Albert Lentacker

Albert Lentacker has been painting portraits for an incredible 50 years. Now 72 years old, Albert has been working as a professional portrait artist since leaving the Royal Academy of Art Saint-Nicolas, Belgium in 1956. "An artist must not only capture a likeness, but also a sense of presence, character and time. To paint people is to create a definite presence on a canvas. The stronger the presence, the more successful the portrait" Albert Lentacker. Now living and working in Belgium, Albert is available for commission.
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Sharona Lucas

Sharona Lucus is a London based artist who paints vibrant contemporary oil paintings. Her inspiration to paint comes from a desire to highlight the innate beauty and character of the things she sees. She is particularly interested in depicting the effects of light, reflections and shadows. Lucus studied with the Spanish artist Trinidad Ball and has also studied drawing and painting at the Wimbledon School of Art. She has exhibited across London and her work is held in private collections throughout the UK.
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Ronen's sculptures are abstract and figurative and one is left with impression of beauty and dynamic rhythms that are characteristic of every piece. Ronen's work is influenced mainly by the arabic and mediterenian culture. All his sculptures are available to order in foundry bronze, wax, Clay and plaster.
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Debora Mattos

Debora Mattos only creates her organic wood sculptures using dry and or fossilized wood. This has resulted in not only eco friendly work but sculpture which has a unique and fundamental sense of history and age.
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Philip Melling

We are proud to host the highly professional sculptures of Philip Melling here at Londonart. He is a prolific artist and his current collection ‘Elements’ focuses on Earth, Air, Water and Fire, and describes the reaction of when those elements meet. He uses flat steel bar, to generate concepts and capture the movement of elemental reactions. His works are suitable for indoor display but are also perfectly suited to larger scale and outside installations for private or public spaces.
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Ivan Mitev

Born in 1967 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria Ivan Mitev graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Plovdiv in 1986 with major black-and-white drawing and Etching. A member of the Guild of Masters of National Crafts as a master of iconography, he has participated in group exhibitions across Germany Bulgaria, and the USA .
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