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Shirley Sheppard

Shirley Sheppard's tactile sculptures focus on the human form as a means of expressing movement and emotion. Working in Clay, Shirley's intrinsic knowledge of the material combined with years of experimentation and investigation has allowed her to develop a unique process of smoke firing. This process not only ensures the sculptures physical strength and longevity but generates a sense of history and vulnerability which is fundamental to the reading of the work.
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Leni Smoragdova

Leni Smoragdova has exhibited at "The Armory Show" in New York and worked with Madonna. Her work is drawn from a refreshingly subversive theoretical position, of which she is the author: "Transaction Art". She states, "Any spectator gets used to the fact that any serious topic must be delivered by the author’s intelligent tone. Absolutely seriously and thoughtfully. But why?"
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Joanna Sobieska

Never ones to limit our artistic intake, here at LondonArt we feel that the ceramics of Joanna Sobieska is worthy of a place on our site as her work is as crafted as any work of art. This much under-represented genre of art is expertly presented by Sobieska who demonstrates how household objects can have as much beauty as any painting. The perfect gift for the hard to buy for relative, these pieces would grace any home.
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Ludmila Sokolova

Ludmila Sokolova's sculptures are truly unique objects. She mixes metaphors, combining fish with other mechanical devices and concepts. Like an art mechanic or bricoleur, she fixes together different varieties of wood and materials with distinct sensory qualitie,s emerging with results which are are surprising, highly individual and very appealing. Perhaps the significance of fish is the way they dive deep, like the artist's journey into the unconscious.
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John Stevens

John Stevens is greatly influenced by the artists of the Surrealist movement. Artists such as Dali and Magritte greatly inspire his work. Steven’s seeks to broaden an objective view of reality by fusing it with instinctive dream like imagery to create a new ‘super’ reality
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Virginia Stuart

''Seascape, the deep blue sea, a nautical gateway, imaginings, poetry and reflection. The minds eye sees where no light shines. A specific gravity rules the waves. Rust and rivets resist salt and water, the sea dissolves all while the wind blows.''Virginia Stuart
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Sinclair Taylor

Sinclair Taylor has a BA and postgraduate MA in Ceramics, graduating in 2000. His current work explores contemporary techniques of ceramic glazing and firing. Over the years Taylor’s empirical approach has helped him to develop a complex language in ceramic. His sculptural form and complex surface pattern result in some beautiful pieces of objet d’art. Currently living and working in Weston-Super-Mare, Taylors work has been exhibited across the UK.
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Nicole Teuliere

One of the most difficult questions facing any contemporary artist is how to combine the historical past of art with the desire to capture the modern. How does someone create a work which is timeless and contemporary? Ageless and youthful? ‘Outstanding for its skill, the work of Nicole Teulière-Ratti definitely recalls the work of “Tiffany Studio” and its famous glass marquetry. There are no flaws in the harmony of colours, and in the way she deals with the material.’ Hélène Rousé-Rivère, Art critic
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mark thirlwell

Probably the first artist on the whole Londonart site to use the word "Metamodernism" of his work, Mark achieved a First in his BA in Fine Art when he graduated from Sunderland University in 2012. New artists emerging from art school are often the closest to "where its at" in terms of current cutting edge thinking about art and keen collectors value this intellectual commodity. Mark is concerned to cross-reference his ideas; producing enigmatic works, such as double portraits.and horses heads: modelled in 3D, dissolving to simple marks on paper. His painting "How to present one self with two other selves" is both comic yet searching. The subject looks out at the viewer, amidst questions scrawled in blood red: an image attempting to reproduce the questioning of the artist's own self/selves.
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Jeanette Thomas

Jeanette Thomas is a ceramicist living and working in Cardiff. Working in clay Jeanette exploits the tactile quality of her material, allowing her instinct to guide her. Clearing the mind of any preconceptions she allows the clay to help her expose the form from within. Influenced by African and Asian culture Jeanette's work centres around the face, primarily in the form of a mask or life side bust, Jeanette hopes to create a personality and soul to her figures and in turn give the viewer a sense of peace and serenity.
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