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Markus Thonett

Markus Thonett shows works which are original in their design and process. He carves into melamine and stains it to make a series of treescapes, that are heavy with atmosphere. In contrast, he has carved huge wooden reliefs and painted them in bright hues. Perhaps his unique art has developed out of the variety of his lived experience: community art in Germany, Ireland, Cameroon and UK; stage, film, TV and video productions, set design and puppetry.
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Jamie Vans

The nephew of Sir Roger de Grey, the great nephew to Spencer Gore and the cousin of Freddie Gore RA, there is absolutely no doubt that Jamie Vans' rich artistic family background has influenced his artistic development and encouraged and nurtured his creative talents. Born in Australia in 1950, Jamie Vans now lives and works in Britain. Jamie Vans is a stone carver who finds his inspiration in the human form. He has carved commissioned works for many private and public commissions and has works in collections in Greece, Spain, South Africa the USA and across the UK.
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BANKSYNo2 Vernon

Born 1948 in Nottingham, UK, George is the founder of the Tube-ism movement. After studying art in the 1960s he spent a number of years travelling around Europe before returning to Bristol to establish the movement. His work although related to "death and its mystical never ending cycle", is profusely vibrant and vivacious. Vernon is currently working on a series of paintings entitled The Resurrection Descending . Vernon's first children's book, The Corn Queen was published in 2004 and he has recently exhibited at the Royal West Academy. He has works in numerous public and private collections.
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VINCENT VINCENT is an artist, seemingly named after one of the greats and interested in repetition. Irony abounds in the work of this talented draughtsman. Initially favouring pen and ink, he later moved into employing digital techniques, paint and sculpture. His work "Disasters of Raw, Initial Study of Liberty's Escape by Brooklyn Bridge" turns the Stars and Stripes into a enigma of stereotypical American signs. The Ground Zero hero is portrayed as our only chance of rescuing freedom. here is an artist who is using his skills to explore the serious issues of today using a satirical, tongue-in-cheek language.
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Kamil Waniowski

Kamil hails from Poland but has made Cornwall his home and inspiration. For him, sculpting comes easily and he is a prolific creator of dramatic, powerful works in stone, which sell regularly. His aim is to work with the stone, observing how its wishes, going with it rather than imposing his vision. in this way, the natural flow of energy between artist and his medium echoes the way life itself flows when we are doing something we love. The works exhibited here are individual but with a keen sense of balance and a compelling presence.
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Simon Watson

"Simon is a figurative artist and his work varies in style and content ranging from realism to semi abstraction. He works in a variety of media and styles including digital, sculpture, drawing, painting and mixed media. Simon has received awards for his work and was a finalist in the “Not the Turner prize” for the painting “The Groom Smoking”. His work has been shown in galleries throughout the UK including the Mall Galleries and he has sold to many art collectors world wide".
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Dominik Wdowski

Dominik Wdowski was born in 1979 in Radom, Poland. Wdowski studyied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland, under the guidance of Professor Kucz Attelier. Fascinated with the human figure Wdowski’s work begins in the life room. Exploring the human form through drawing, his work is often translated to large monumental sculptures. After completing a commission of Pope John Paul II in 2000, Dominik went on to create a public sculpture to be on permanent display outside the Cathedral of Radom, Poland. In 2005 he worked in partnership to create a monument for the capital city of Poland, Warsaw and since then has been in numerous exhibitions across the capital.
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Neil Welch

Neil Welch's talent to reproduce much more than a physical representation of the human form has lead to a range of high profile commissions including, Wedgwood, England's finest china company, which is synonymous with it's beauty, and innovation for almost 250 years, and England's famous Royal Doulton. As Freelance sculptor, Welch spent seven years studying his trade and in this time found a natural empathy for the human form. His passion for depicting Greek Mythology is triggered by his love of narrative and he hopes to, "entice the viewer to envision the story the way he sees it". Neil Welch's beautiful figurative sculptures have entered in to the main stream of consciousness and will remain there for many years to come.
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Christian Wilson

Having previously trained as a portrait painter in oils, Christian puts his consummate skills to work in the beautiful mediums of Carrara marble, alabaster and pink alabaster. This marble is a type of white or blue grey marble quarried in the northernmost tip of Tuscany, whilst alabaster has a dense translucent quality. Emerging from these beautiful rock structures, are forms which capture “enduring female beauty”.
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Romuald  Wisniewski

Highly accomplished sculptor Romuald Wisniewski has been much- lauded, many times over in his native Poland. Working across a variety of media and equally comfortable working with abstraction and figurative styles; his Londonart gallery shows a fine range of compelling sculptures. Earlier work takes two distinct approaches. The first experiments figuratively with humour, social commentary and puns, whilst the second condenses human complexity into faceted planes, simplifying its energy. His later work displays the maturity of the consummate sculptor who knows that the body has sufficient narratives within itself.
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