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Lloyd Lewis

Lewis's photographs present us with the wasted remnants of 19th century disciplinary institutions. Distressed and abandoned the work has become a physical reminder of an oppressive and frequently cruel discourse which still haunts contemporary dealings with the mentally ill. Shards and scraps of crinkled house paint collect in flaky piles on the floor. Doors are ajar, opening onto views down the corridors along which patients were once led, and into the rooms in which they were once confined. The old asylums have long been disused, and their empty spaces, presented with an intense psychological charge, bristle with a disturbing tension. Lloyd Lewis's photographs have all been shot on 5x4 Negative and have not been altered digitally. Lloyd has won a host of photography awards and has had work featured in many publications including, Creative Review and Professional Photographer magazine. His work is in private collections across Europe.
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Hans Ole Madsen

Londonart is pleased to have discovered this Danish photographer who is both talented and experienced. His photographs are concerned with the Sublime: magnificent awe inspiring vistas, both natural and man-made. Their grand scale and magnificanet compositions beggar belief: it is almost impossble to conceive that they have been taken by a mere human! There are aerial views, views from behind waterfalls and shadows across mountains that are richly textured wth heather like ancient tapestries. The fact that Hans Ole Madsen also uses a pinhole camera at times to create his stunning landscapes makes this a most fascinating artist indeed.
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Olga Majrowska

Olga Majrowska's photojournalist style contorts the 'typical' role of nature to be a background setting to human action. Skies and clouds curve voluminously over tiny individuals. The use of black and white heightens the drama of the photographs. This film noir-esque theme contributes to a haunting theatricality to her work. The typical set up of the subject is bypassed in favour instead for an investigation of what happens around us. This device generates the effect of a constant life in motion where quite often humans play only a small part.
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emma  mapp

The built environment surrounds most of us and the sights and sounds of the capital are familiar to all of us at LondonArt. We really liked the way that Emma Mapp takes familiar landmarks from the city and shows them in an unusual, original way. Her images of the Lloyds building show how different it can appear at different times of the day. Her photography is creative and beautiful and we particularly enjoyed her image of the London Eye glowing with a blue intensity against the gathering red clouds of a city evening. Emma hopes to travel and continue to document the world around her and we, at LondonArt, hope to see her work in the future as she takes on exotic and distant subjects.
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Catherine Marcogliese

Catherine Marcogliese is an artist of Canadian origin who now lives and works in France. Her work focuses on the subject of nature and landscape, specifically the ephemerality of our natural environment, dealing with themes such as time and movement and how they affect nature.
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Jose Martinez Verea

Jose Martinez was born in 1962, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico where he currently lives and works. Working as a professional Fine Art photographer since 1983 he finds inspiration from the ‘everyday’, and carries his camera with him at all times. "You never know, if something is going to jump right in the next corner"… he says. Encouraged by artists such as Joan Fontcuberta, Irving Penn, Edward Weston, Joyce Tenneson, his own work has become synonymous for its abstract and conceptual vision - playing with objects and still life, and exploring different photographic techniques. Jose Martinez Verea has participated in many exhibitions across Mexico, the Unites States, France and Germany.
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Monica Martinez Verea

Monica Martinez Verea lives and works in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. Specialising in oil paint and mixed media, her paintings use the tactile qualities of her chosen materials to explore surface texture and pattern.
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Tomomi Maruyama

Tomomi Maruyama studied at Musashino Art University, Tokyo and then the London film school. She now lives and works in London. Tomomi creates her work in various mediums; Drawing, Collage, Illustration, Photograph, Film and Animation. The chosen medium reflects her intentions for each individual piece.
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Claire Mc Dermott

McDermott paints delicate water colours of flowers in transition. Going to Seed is a body of work that freeze frames the moment when one life ends and another begins. McDermott sensitively compares the life cycle of plants to that of our own by immortalizing the transitional process of a flower form origination to seed.
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Sarah  Medway

Medway captures a moment when the landscape is transformed by the quality of light. Many of her images come from the South East, where she was recently awarded the title of Kent wildlife trust photographer of the year.
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