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Angus Brown

Angus Brown has lived breathed and embraced all aspects of photography for the last 12 years. Initial working solely as a commercial photographer Angus’s unique approach to his work has enabled him to successfully cross over from the commercial world of advertising in to the world of fine art.
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Jimmy Barnes

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David Batty

David Batty's exhibition, collectively entitled " I didn't know that I knew" displays a series of works which focus on the pursuit of truth and balance. The collection has taken Batty three years to complete and reflects his own sense of dedication and creative development throughout that time. Batty comments, "Whilst creating "I Didn't Know that I Knew" I uncovered many lies, lies I once believed to be the truth! The problem with beliefs, is, we believe them to be true! It can be "hard work", to ask ourselves why we believe or disbelieve what we do or don't." Adding, "I've no intention of asking you to believe or disbelieve anything. Please view my work and think about what you think you see…This work is aimed at helping us to question our beliefs…Please enjoy the Journey through the exhibition and remember- 'The truth shall set you free.' For more information on this series of works please click here .
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Sylvia Batycka

Sylvia inclines to painting and drawing practice, however she works across wide range of media, originating personal means of expression through applying both traditional and innovative techniques. She works both from observation and reference pictures, altering the image, exploring transition from representational forms into the abstract ones. The themes of her work evolve around female identity, sexuality, urban environment seen as an entity, and their possible interactions. Sylvia is absorbed with both ends of vitality – decay spectrum and placing her artistic subjects on those peripheries.
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Nathan Bean

Nathan Bean hopes to express a range of complex human emotions which are typically associated with bereavement or a deep felt loss. "Sadness, regret, change and solitude; a glancing silent thought from within oneself not to be broadcast to anyone else, a feeling or emotion that stays inside…The silent roar that rushes in your ears and pounds at your heart." Nathan creates beautiful images which counterbalance and reflect the powerful subject matter and content.
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Guillaume Bourieau

After studying life drawing in France over seventeen years ago, Guillaume Bourieau recently returned to his figurative roots, when in 2005 he began a life painting course in London. Since then he has continued to produce paintings of a figurative nature, and has more recently begun to explore the landscape in oils. Finding inspiration from artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, David Park, and Richard Diebenkorn, she intends to continue her Fine Art study in late 2006.
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Brian Brooks

Brian Brooks has been exhibiting internationally since the 1970's with work held in private and public collections throughout Europe, the USA and Latin America. Brian has a natural talent for translating the visual world onto a two-dimensional picture plane. Utilising digital technology and computer software, his paintings use photography as a point of reference rather than a tool for direct imitation. His integral understanding of colour and perspective equals his command for pattern and repetition with an elegant and refined painting technique.
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Dorian Burt

Burt’s rather bizarre yet extremely humorous images have been exhibited in the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Serpentine Gallery, London. His works are in prestigious private collections throughout the world. So, if you are looking to buy a piece of art as an investment this is a fantastic place to start.
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