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Kristin Erken

Kristin mostly paints on natural materials such as slate and plywood. The rough finish, edges and warp of some of the pieces that she finds, form an integral part of the work. "These paintings try to explore the past 'experience' or 'memory' of the materials I paint on in creating a new window or landscape using their natural forms and textures" says the artist. The natural wood and rock surfaces merge with painterly spaces and the forms of plants, insects, the human body, water, rock and other organic life. The works blur the lines or boundaries between different forms of life, mixing them in a visual soup of line and texture. Objects blend into one another as part of a bigger pattern.
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Bruce Eves

Bruce Eves digitally generates and manipulates imagery to create these sensual images. Working on a larger scale within an underlying geometric structure, helps Bruce to create a sense of character and bodily form.
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