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Cristina Ghelfi

Christina Ghelfi currently lives and works in Modena, Italy. Her figurative paintings create a powerful sense of narrative by the placement and arrangement of figures within an environment. Essentially using a geometric structure, Cristina's descriptive brush work is reduced to the bare minimum, forcing us to rely on their suggestive qualities to decipher a narrative or mood - their clothes, and hair styles, the way they hold themselves, their body language - within a specific environment. Cristina Ghelfi has exhibited her work across Italy.
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Michael  Gonsalves

Michael Gonsalves is one of our artists living and working in Australia. He produces these beautiful and elegant prints by combining digital photography and the very latest computer generated image making software. The large scale, high gloss prints are integral to the creation of the whole image. They help to emphasise, and complement the sophisticated and ethereal quality of all his gorgeous imagery.
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Thomas H Green

Thomas H green uses a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques to create his work. Predominantly a figurative artist Green studies the human form - initially in a traditional life room setting. His pastel and charcoal on paper works reflect this intense study and become an important part of the process. His ability to create the more complex and innovative mixed media works stems in essence from this fundamental grounding. His elegant ink on paper works move away from the life room setting and by their nature focus purely on form, style and material, rather than the setting or environment of the model. Using digital and computer software, works such as, Nude W23 highlight his ability to generate a work of art which has a less referential base and takes on a life of its own. Thomas H Green currently lives and works in London.
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Elisabeth  Grosse

A cutting edge draughtswoman and highly acclaimed in her field, Elisabeth Grosse has worked with top designers Alexander McQueen & Matthew Williamson. Her fashion illustrations have recently been published as part of a book and she recently participated in a pop-up exhibition in London. Her fierce, long-legged amazons with broken edges that grace the Londonart site are the epitome of today's self-directed muse.
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Fabio Guida

Fabio Guida was born in 1977 and now lives and works in Italy. After completing a degree in Political Sciences, specialising in anthropological and ethnic urban communication, Fabio went on to complete his Masters Degree in Culture and Linguistic Mediation, in Rome. His seemingly unconventional artistic training enables Fabio to truly communicate his love for music, film and painting through a contemporary approach to digital and graphic art.
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