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Satoshi Matsuyama

Satashi Matsuyama was born in Kamiiso-choh Hokkaido, Japan in 1958. At the age of eighteen he moved to Tokyo to begin his training as a jazz saxophonist. Now living with his wife and two children Satoshi finds spiritual gratification from both his love of music and through the creation of his art. His work reflects his devout dedication to life and the beauty of the natural world which is enhanced by his enthusiasm with digital technology.
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Sheila Macauley

“Whilst combining machine with design the idea of art never leaves my imagination.” says Sheila Macauley. “I find that I can easily explore the balance of aesthetic, conceptual and technical possibilities in a new media which a computer brings.” Working with balance and form her present work focuses on movement and colour and seeks to create a harmonious relationship of form. “Composition is important to me; if it doesn't feel right then I cannot continue. The energy I place into each piece of work has to balance with my creativity to give an all over pleasing creation.”
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Abigail Markey

Although Abigail Markey now mainly specialises in private portrait commissions, her love of Landscape and seascape painting continues to thrive with equal gusto. Abigail's characteristic use of yellow and blue within her colour mixes, gives all her work an intense quality. Born in South Africa, Abigail Markey spent a number of years living in America. In the early nineties Abigail Markey moved to Britain where her passion for painting began.
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Stuart Marshall

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Sandra Martin

Sandra Martin makes making art look easy. But don't be deceived by the apparently effortless cool of her bright, colourful Pop compositions. She brings her training in 3D Design and Architecture to bear on her work with a keen eye for balance, impact and sense of humour. As Mies VanDer Rohe once said "Less is more" and indeed Martin appears to have successfully digested this oft- repeated dictum.
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Deborah Martin

Deborah Martin was born in Melbourne Australia and has been living and working in the Yarra Valley for the last 15 years. The discipline of meditation opened new horizons of creativity within Deborah, which she hopes to reflect through her work.
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Biagio Mastroianni

Mastroinni’s intriguing, rich, narratives explore the “mystical subtleties of numerological systems” while depicting the harsh realities of London life.
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Leon McCurdy

Leon McCurdy is one of a new wave of artists who are using the very latest digital software and technology to produce hand drawn computer generated images on canvas and paper. Using the computer mouse as his paint brush, his imagery combines elements of nature with geometric design and form. "In the work I produce I use subtle shapes and lines only visible when viewing close up, a lot like an artist dabbing his paintbrush, producing detail only visible close-up. These Digital brush strokes are what give my work character and depth." Leon McCurdy currently lives and works in the north of England.
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Tracy  McGuinness-Kelly

Tracy McGuinness-Kelly is a British born artist whose background lies heavily in illustration. “The way I perceive my work is striving to tap into my childhood subconscious, trying to remember those feelings, thoughts and dreams, whilst simultaneously utilizing my adult artistic experience and editing skills". Tracy lived in the U.S. for 16 years, where she worked for Hallmark Cards, creating award winning illustration and design, and as a freelance illustrator, clients included; Starbucks, Nickelodeon T.V, American Girl, Unicef, Time Warner, Galison Books, and Little Brown Publishing amongst others. Tracy subsequently secured a 2 book contract to write and illustrate ‘BAD CAT’ a series of children’s books which received critical acclaim in the U.S, Japan and S.Korea where they were published.
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Andrew Medlock

Andrew Medlock is a very intense and intellectually searching Yorkshire man. He hopes his work reflects the beauty and hope he feels around him and will in some way lead him through the trials and tribulations of life.
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