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Ima Pico

Ima Pico is a Belfast based artist born in Valencia Spain. She is one of a growing number of artists combining contemporary technology to construct her images. Using her own digital photographs as a starting point, she then adds and subtracts, manipulating the image using the latest computer software until she is happy with the whole.
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Charles Palmer

Charles Palmer creates these limited edition digital prints using the very latest digital image making software. Although Charles’s work is essentially abstract he meticulously creates a sense of three dimensional space, fundamentally through his use of geometry and computer generated gradation of colour and form.
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Richard Pavitt

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van petz

East London based Van Petz makes bold, rampant abstracts in oil colour.
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Lee Pollard

Lee Pollard has a straightforward, democratic approach to art, which echoes the thoughts of the great German artist Joseph Beuys: everyone is an artist. He uses various artistic mediums to express himself and works across abstract and figurative formats. His painting "Long Face" is especially interesting in the way he composes it using very pale tints.
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