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Elisabeth  Grosse

A cutting edge draughtswoman and highly acclaimed in her field, Elisabeth Grosse has worked with top designers Alexander McQueen & Matthew Williamson. Her fashion illustrations have recently been published as part of a book and she recently participated in a pop-up exhibition in London. Her fierce, long-legged amazons with broken edges that grace the Londonart site are the epitome of today's self-directed muse.
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Fabio Guida

Fabio Guida was born in 1977 and now lives and works in Italy. After completing a degree in Political Sciences, specialising in anthropological and ethnic urban communication, Fabio went on to complete his Masters Degree in Culture and Linguistic Mediation, in Rome. His seemingly unconventional artistic training enables Fabio to truly communicate his love for music, film and painting through a contemporary approach to digital and graphic art.
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Merlin Harish

At first sight, the strong colours and geometric shapes of these digital images appear to be modern - day yantras, which exert a powerful retinal pull. Combining western sci-fi influences both in form and their ironic, labyrinthine titles, they are redolent of the mysterious narratives of Borges. Operating on so many formal and imaginative levels, their use of repetition, diffraction and endless movement create eruptions of intense colour, which are nevertheless both wistful and somehow haunting. These works leave an after effect both in the eye and the mind.
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Caireen Harrison

Caireen Harrison clearly demonstrates in this wonderful series of prints that she understands the nature of her medium and knows how to capture the intimate subtleties of light and shadow. In each of her works the chosen perspective is far from traditional. This unconventionality - often taking us up so close that the forms begin to blur - combined with her monochromatic colour, create a wonderfully abstract quality to Caireen’s work.
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Chris  Harvey

With over fifteen years photographic experience Chris Harvey's photographs are generated by combining traditional and contemporary techniques to produce limited edition black and white images. His use of the latest image editing software allows him to incorporate both digital and film photography. By manipulating and merging his original images in this fashion he generates an entirely new image. His development of the 'technological collage' gives him the creative freedom to express a sentiment or idea through an imaginative and innovative process.
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Julian Heath

Julian Heath is a fine art photographer who mainly works with digital cameras. He studied photography at the City and Guilds in the mid seventies. He says of his practice, "I've always tried to acheive pictures with that extra edge whether it's b&w or colour; shapes and contasts interest me but even simple scenes attract me if the image is pleasing and restful. I have always striven to produce images that are unusual but can be lived with and have an air of mystery about them."
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Mamta B. Herland

Besides the experimentation and exploration of digital tools and techniques, Mamta B. Herlandís work focuses on nature and beauty. It involves the computer-generated synthesis of original photographs that have been taken by the artist over a period of months and years. This unique process results in images that are imaginative, dream-like, mysterious and beautiful. Although the objects in the images are real, they do not intend to document reality. Yet, in many of the pictures there is an undeniable sense of reality felt and expressed.
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Edyta Ignaczak

Edyta Ignaczak is predominantly a printmaker who uses traditional drawing and printmaking methods as well as exploring advanced digital technology. Using her chosen medium to visually explore a subject or concept, her work is as much about the first mark on the page as it is the last. Through the layering of line and form Ignaczak creates a concentrated sense of history and a transparent sense of discovery in each raw and often emotional piece. Currently living in London her work is in private collections across the South of England.
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Costas Ioannou

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