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Tabitha Miles

Perhaps the obvious adjective to describe these unique artworks is "vajazzled"! Initially setting out to do an art foundation course but discovered as a model, Tabitha Miles has had a fascinating career trajectory and sees the work she produces as somewhere "between art and interior design". She takes her own photographic compositions as a starting point and these are reproduced on chunky canvases and then stylised with sometimes as many as 2000 Swarovski crystals.
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Ivan Mitev

Born in 1967 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria Ivan Mitev graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Plovdiv in 1986 with major black-and-white drawing and Etching. A member of the Guild of Masters of National Crafts as a master of iconography, he has participated in group exhibitions across Germany Bulgaria, and the USA .
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Martin Nealon

Martin Nealon creates digital collages, often printing them on aluminium. His series of portrait heads seem to offer an update on the political black and white newspaper print collages of Europe in the 1930's. He uses digital manipulation that references 1980's cyberpunk styles with human/machine juxtapositions. His often sardonic imagery appears to depict a deep inventory of the mind, revealing the innards and endless machinations of those in power.
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Justine O'Brien

Justine O’Brien’s images underline the grace and beauty of seemingly mundane everyday objects. Inspired by some of the most classical and memorable still-life photographers of the 20th century, she has developed a distinctive, delicate style. These images are part of an ongoing series of work exploring the beauty in life, the object in its most wonderful and uncomplicated form.
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Charles Palmer

Charles Palmer creates these limited edition digital prints using the very latest digital image making software. Although Charles’s work is essentially abstract he meticulously creates a sense of three dimensional space, fundamentally through his use of geometry and computer generated gradation of colour and form.
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Richard Pavitt

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van petz

East London based Van Petz makes bold, rampant abstracts in oil colour.
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Lee Pollard

Lee Pollard has a straightforward, democratic approach to art, which echoes the thoughts of the great German artist Joseph Beuys: everyone is an artist. He uses various artistic mediums to express himself and works across abstract and figurative formats. His painting "Long Face" is especially interesting in the way he composes it using very pale tints.
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Van Renselar

As an abstract artist Van Renselar is more concerned with form and colour as an alternative to subject matter. It is not his aim to represent our surroundings or any particular object, he takes ideas from experiences which are visual, cerebral and emotional in nature. His inspiration can as easily be sparked by lines from a song as by an emotional event. Colour is equally as important as the general design and he will spend a lot of time perfecting the tone of a particular colour, his primary objectives being to establish harmony both in terms of composition and the use of colour. Van Renselar grew up in South Wales and London, where he now lives and works.
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