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Ed Chapman

Ed Chapman is one of the UK's leading mosaic artists working in ceramic and glass tile. Achieving incredibly accurate results, Chapman has taken the age old medium of mosaic to a modern high standard. His work incorporates all sorts of iconic imagery and his 3-D works are exciting and stylish, as well as being instantly recognisable. Working painstakingly on every creation, Chapman has exhibited on both sides of the Atlantic and has undertaken commissions for an eclectic array of celebrities from the worlds of politics to sport
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Emma Clark

Clark reflects her passion for the visual world by pulling on an eclectic mix of influences; a medieval reliquary or Indian carving, a pattern on a Victorian plate, a snippet of conversation that she might find emotive.
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Mary  Cahalan

Mary Cahalan, also known as Pixi, is an emerging Irish Artist. Mary's fiery colours and passionate approach to mark making, combined with the figurative narratives which seem integral within all her paintings, create a real sense of energy and power.
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Fernando Carballa

Delicate and meticulous, Carballa’s crisp but gentle colour and light calm our senses by allowing our thoughts to slowly travelaround the whole of the painting.
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jmj chalin

French artist JMJ Chalin studied art in Rouen and has been producing art for many years. Her dynamic works pulse with energy and ideas. Twisting, contorted shapes coalesce, from figures into landscape into plant forms, in a Surrealist manner. Attenuated figures seem to question their existence and the more you look, the more you see in her bold compositions. She says, "ART is an emotion i translate in colour so it can be seen".
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Lisa Charters

Lisa's acrylic paintings of flowers shown here demonstrate her exceptional skills in photorrealism. Each dandelion seed is visible and yet at the same time she manages to convey a fluffy, textural quality. Her image of a leopard appears equally textural and proficient until one realises that this fantastic tour de force is created in watercolour, perhaps one of the most challenging and unpredictable media in the artist's armoury! This could be why Lisa's commissioned works from photographs, have been sold all over the world.
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Gordon Cheung

Cheung graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2001. He was a key organiser of 'Assembly' in 2000 in which he invited Goldsmith’s artists to collaborate on the project with artists from the Royal College of Art. It culminated in an exhibition of over 170 artists. He has since exhibited in 'Fakescape' at Mellow Birds in 2000 and in ‘Unscene at Gasworks this spring. He will also be taking part in 'Arcadia in the City' at Marble Hill House, Richmond, this summer. Cheung lives and works in London.
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Sergei Chudjakow

Painter and Sculptor, Sergei Chudjakow was born on the island of Sahalin, Siberia. Chudjakow studied at the Academy of Art in Krasnojarsk, Siberia and was the winner of the famous international Art Competition, 'Gold Pencil' based in Moskau. Now living in Stuttgart, Germany, Chudjakow runs an Art School for creative talents in Germany, as well as publishing and promoting other artists work.
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Blanka Ciok

Bianca Szymanska uses a variety of techniques including lambda print technology, photography and stained glass. In the lambda prints she creates dream like imagery using subtle muted, ink tones. She says of her work, "My art mainly presents philosophy, symbolism and drama as well as black humour."
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