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Hella De Santarossa

From Venice, Berlin, Stockholm, and Buenos Aires to South Africa, Dubia and Australia, Hella De Santarossa exhibits her work on a truly international scale. With work in public and private collections worldwide Santarossa’s work is becoming a preferred choice with the critics and collectors alike. Born in Rheinland, Germany, Hella De Santarossa now lives and works in Germany’s capital city, Berlin.
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Natalie Deighton

Natalie is a Lancashire-based artist who derives inspiration from the natural world. Her drawings have a faux-naive charm.
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Juan Carlos Delatorre Bouvet

Dark and mysterious, Juan Carlos Delatorre's hair raising black and white photography sends a shiver up the spine. Beautiful yet ominous, his work suggests narrative and intrigue in the most audacious of minds.
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Alberto Delso Salvador

Thick layers of solid block colour are applied heavily to the canvas, creating a textured and absorbing surface to this work. By reducing each image to its core elements, whether they are colours, shapes or forms, the artist is able to create a stylish interpretation of it. His work varies from landscapes to images of dreams, always showing the emotional heart of the scene, rather than the endless details. His colour scheme is bold and inviting, giving his work and energy and light that would decorate any surface or room. In ‘Spider’ each brushstroke is echoed by different shades of the main colour, giving a shimmering depth to the work and capturing movement and light within the canvass. This is beautiful art for lovers of colour and life!
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Carla Dentamaro

Carla Dentamaro's work explores and investigates human behaviour. Often containing figurative elements she utilises a variety of mediums to help her describe the complexity of the human condition. "In my artwork I am concerned with expression and feeling and I seek to depict these with emphasised mark making and colour." Carla Dentamaro seeks to reflect the essence of nature rather than make a direct reproduction of it.
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Andrei Deryagin

Andrei Deryagin is a Moscow-based artist who paints psychedelic and often surreal imagery.
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Carole  Desbois

Carole Desbois is a multidisciplinary visual artist, working with photography, digital photography, films, installation and with performance. "As an artist I am looking for a sense of universality, looking at universal concepts that are timeless and evocative of a common consciousness, therefore recognizable by our inner-self." Currently living in Biarritz, France, Carole has lived and exhibited in London, New York and Johannesburg and hopes to further travel.
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Giuseppe Sebastiano Devoti

Born in Turin Giuseppe Sebastiano Devoti moved to Abruzzo, Italy in 2004 where he currently lives and works. A Diploma of Artistic Maturity achieved in the Albertina academy of Turin, a PHD in Architecture from Turin Polytechnic, he defines himself an, "'experimenter artistic', for his continuous necessity to seek expressive ways that stimulate the feelings of whom observes the pictorial work." He has exhibited his work across Italy where he has work in private collections.
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dexter Dexter

Inspired by the notion of names, from handle's, titles and terms, his work is based around the notion of re creating words and names which, "…somehow influenced me in the previous decades of my life." he says. To really appreciate Dexters World's art, please click on the image and then click on the bigbutton, which is displayed directly underneath the image. You can also use our magnify feature to read the writing which makes up his images. Dexters World exhibits across Yorkshire and also at the Edinburgh Festival. Dexters World currently lives in York, Yorkshire, UK.
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