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Lisa Dobson

Lisa Dobson is a self-trained artist who, unlike the majority of us, actually made that window of time to take up an activity that would give her and others hours of unconditional pleasure.
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Luis Donoso

Luis Donos is a printmaker predominantly working in monochrome, black and white. A multi talented printmaker Donoso uses a broad range of printmaking processes from, Etching and Aquatint, Woodcuts and Linocuts to Lithography - a method of printing using a special stone which works on the antipathy principal between grease and water. Luis Donos is currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Barbara Douglas

The physical world provides endless inspiration for artists around the world. For Barbara Douglas, the natural spaces of the African continent provide endless fascination. She captures the majesty of grazing lions with an impressionistic hand that shows their manes and figures radiating in the fading light of dusk. When she paints humans she creates images of popular stills from the movies, or of the heroism of well-known sportsman in the final stages of victory. Her work is already selling well on this site for its beautiful handling of forms and colours and we are sure that many of customers would find a good home for these beautiful canvasses.
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Dita  Driessen

Born and raised in Indonesia, Dita Driessen's work is inspired by Australian Aboriginal art. Having experienced this rich heritage on her travels, she immersed herself in the practice and now teaches it in the primary schools of The Netherlands where she now lives.

Using skewers to fully populate each canvas with dots, each painting takes up to two months or more of painstaking care and attention. Already popular in her home country, Dubai and Jakarta, she now seeks a British audience for her work.

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Manuel Duboť

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina Manuel Duboť now lives and works in London. After graduating from the University of Buenos Aires with a degree in Graphic Design,he took up a post as a lecturer at the same university. For the last 10 years he has worked as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer in various advertising and design agencies in Buenos Aires, Spain, and most recently London where he now lives and works.
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Alla Dzevaltovska

An abundance of colour sweeps across these canvass as this wonderful artist creates figurative art to grace any wall. By selecting rich, deep tones and applying thickly handled lines and forms, the artist gives a depth and a warmth to her work. This effervescent feeling is further emphasised by the wry humour and joyful details of the characters within the paintings. Portraits of the beauty of pregnancy sit alongside impressionist landscapes and scenes from nature. Other works demonstrate an interest in oriental painting, although all take a unique perspective and an individual style. Originally from Latvia, Dzevaltovska is now based in London and has a very promising career in art ahead of her.
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Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards lives and works in Oxfordshire ,England. He graduated in fine art from Bath Academy of Art in the late 1970's He is principally a landscape painter and has painted the Oxfordshire landscape for the past 40 years, his work depicts the rural landscape in a naturalistic way using a limited palette of mainly oil colours painted on board, canvas or paper. The paintings are generally intimate in scale and treatment where the scenes of farmyards, hedgerows and tracks capture a particular place in a moment in time.
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Ross Ellis

The work of Ross Ellis is thought provoking and highly focused. Working in ink, pastel and pencil, there is a quiet intensity to the figurative pencil drawings and an exploration of the relations between viewer and subject. His arresting drawings emphasise the latent geometries within the human form. The 'Blue Eryngium' works are labour intensive and literally fascinating; affording their viewer no end of patient scrying as they reveal forms hidden within.
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Jean - Patrick Elmes

Elmes' delicate use of line and form accentuate his minuscule gesture of mark, giving his paintings a magical, airy quality.
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Kristin Erken

Kristin mostly paints on natural materials such as slate and plywood. The rough finish, edges and warp of some of the pieces that she finds, form an integral part of the work. "These paintings try to explore the past 'experience' or 'memory' of the materials I paint on in creating a new window or landscape using their natural forms and textures" says the artist. The natural wood and rock surfaces merge with painterly spaces and the forms of plants, insects, the human body, water, rock and other organic life. The works blur the lines or boundaries between different forms of life, mixing them in a visual soup of line and texture. Objects blend into one another as part of a bigger pattern.
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