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Cradeaux Alexander

Cradeaux Alexander is an established artist from New York, where he studied at the Strasberg Institute, and is now based in London. His work ranges from performance art to painting and mixed media. Inspirations behind his work are equally broad and include themes based on alienation, renewal, religion and 'mindscapes', as well as purely formal interests in paint and collage effects. His work seeks to engage the mind as well as the eye. His work has been seen throughout America and in Europe.
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Saleem Ammouri

Quite possibly the only pointillist ink on glass works on the entire site! Saleem Ammouri's work is highly unusual and sought after. Pointillism, as a western art concept, originated with the early twentieth century artist Georges Seurat, a French Impressionist. However, the Australian Aboriginal people had used this method to make their sacred art many centuries before. Ammouri rediscovers this technique to present subject matter from Indian temple sculptures, together with his own imaginative interpretations. This is truly a global, contemporary fusion of styles.
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Priya Anagal

Priya Anagal was born in India and is now currently living and working in the UK. Priya finds great inspiration in nature and has a passion for both traditional and contemporary Indian architecture. The forms she finds in both inspire her work greatly.
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XY ankamierzejewska

A painting is deemed to be expressionistic if it distorts the image significantly in order to create an image that matches the one in the painter’s mind. This collection is of very beautiful expressionistic works that glow and growl with a potent energy and pop with a colourful explosion onto the canvass. See how her rendering of Andy Warhol moves with an intense energy, befitting its subject perfectly. The greens and reds collide emphatically, causing the forms to dance in front of the viewers’ eyes. Her series on the great painters shows the enthusiasm and personality of each artist, while also creating a fabulous series of individual works. In her hands, Pepsi cans come to life and interact in a most familiar manner, writhing and bonding with the most human of touches. She paints with such a wonderful style and individualistic touch, only the most cold-hearted viewer would fail to be moved. Check out the extensive list of her exhibitions in Poland and enjoy viewing this lively work.
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Helena Aschbacher

Helena Aschbacher uses her long term memory to revisit her childhood. Helena experienced a particularly happy childhood which "filled her with memories to treasure for a life time". This sense of happiness is reflected in all her work and is echoed in their real sense of beauty. By translating particular memories and associated emotions into a visual language, Helena hopes to capture her memories and "freeze them in time".
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Nazik  Aslanyan

Born in 1977, Nazik Aslanyan lives and works in Yerevan, Armenia. His wide, blocked brush marks, combined with a vibrant and bold use of colour, are inspired by nature. "In my paintings I want to explore the most important feature of the Universe. I am trying to reach its essence. It is in everything: In the Sun, in flowers or trees, in all details of our life. Understanding of it is mean to reach a real happiness..." Nazik Aslanyan.
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Filipe Assuncao

These confident oil paintings, with their rounded, textured forms call forth comparisons with Dubuffet, Guston even Picasso. Their comic-like cartoonish style endows the work with a charming simplicity yet it is clear that the artist knows exactly what he is doing. The animal/human forms are softly modulated with tonal gradations that simultaneously give them a monumental feel, as if seen at extremely close range. At times, the forms the thick outlines describe become transparent, serving to further the visual play between solid weight and a comic lightness.
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David John Atkinson

David John Atkinson paints directly from nature. He draws a huge amount of inspiration from animal form and behavior, which he captures both with apparent ease.
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Craig Atkinson

Craig Atkinson is one of a growing number of artists now combining and experimenting with mix medium. His move away from solely using paint as a descriptive vocabulary has allowed him greater freedom to create some wonderful textures, forms and illusions on the canvas. This in turn has permitted a greater freedom to experiment and focus on the content of his work.
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