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Vincent Au

Vincent Au was born in Hong Kong in 1977. From a very early age Vincent and his work received recognition, appearing on national television at the age of eleven. When he moved to London in 1990 Vincent Au began to focus on improving his draughtsmanship. His interest in drawing led to his passion for life painting and the human form, spending hours in the life room. Now in his late twenties Vincent Au's talent and understanding of the human form and how it relates spatially within an environment enables him to create these wonderful figurative paintings and drawings.
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Joy Baer

Late 2001 brought huge commercial success for Joy Baer. Taking part in number of sell out-group exhibitions, subsequently lead to her first solo show in early 2002. This proved to be an enormous success and she is now enjoying the commercial recognition that LondonArt feels she deserves. Her work has become a sound investment for any buyer.
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Liz Balogh

By looking into her soul and painting the scene with a creative flair, Balogh creates work that can compare against the best in this genre. Her still life artworks depict all manner of creatures and scenes from nature, especially from the idyllic countryside in Scotland. She combines the exquisite blues, yellows and purples in order to create wonderful images of the landscape and its joyful inhabitants. These are incredible works of technique with each petal and blade of grass captured perfectly and with a skilled hand. The rolling glens and valleys look incredibly inviting to the viewer and would decorate any home. When Balogh turns her hand to capturing flowers, she succeeds in creating beautiful, intricate and lively images. The leaves she paints glow with the warmth of a sunny day and each detail comes to life within the image. Already a big success in her native Hungry, we are delighted to show her art on this site. We hope you enjoy looking through her work.
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Sergey Barkhin

Sergei Barkhin's Surrealist, architectural tableaux play with scale, pattern and popping colour combinations, creating scenes which make one want to jump in to experience. He has created designs for over 150 productions (opera, ballet and drama) in many cities of the former USSR and abroad and he is also a book illustrator. Impressively, he worked as Chief Designer of the Bolshoi ballet for five years.
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Jane Barnes

Kent based artist Jane Barnes paints with gouache on watercolour paper. In this series she depicts elephants and masks.
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Scott Bartha

Scott Bartha’s recent series of work was inspired by his travels throughout Australia and New Zealand. Rather than taking photographs of his explorations, Scott Bartha uses his memory to record specific places, smells, emotions and experiences. Allowing these memories to ruminate within his mind and by using prompts to help him, he then translates these memories on to the canvas at a later date.
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David Batty

David Batty's exhibition, collectively entitled " I didn't know that I knew" displays a series of works which focus on the pursuit of truth and balance. The collection has taken Batty three years to complete and reflects his own sense of dedication and creative development throughout that time. Batty comments, "Whilst creating "I Didn't Know that I Knew" I uncovered many lies, lies I once believed to be the truth! The problem with beliefs, is, we believe them to be true! It can be "hard work", to ask ourselves why we believe or disbelieve what we do or don't." Adding, "I've no intention of asking you to believe or disbelieve anything. Please view my work and think about what you think you see…This work is aimed at helping us to question our beliefs…Please enjoy the Journey through the exhibition and remember- 'The truth shall set you free.' For more information on this series of works please click here .
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Sylvia Batycka

Sylvia inclines to painting and drawing practice, however she works across wide range of media, originating personal means of expression through applying both traditional and innovative techniques. She works both from observation and reference pictures, altering the image, exploring transition from representational forms into the abstract ones. The themes of her work evolve around female identity, sexuality, urban environment seen as an entity, and their possible interactions. Sylvia is absorbed with both ends of vitality – decay spectrum and placing her artistic subjects on those peripheries.
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Darren Baxter

Darren Baxter’s creates illustrations of graffiti art and scenes of graffiti artists at work in Acrylic on canvas. Graffiti art is in vogue at the moment, with the rich and famous commissioning graffiti art inside their homes. If you don’t think you can quite stretch to graffiti as replacement wallpaper then why not buy one of Darren’s graffiti of graffiti paintings.
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