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27th edition of the London Art Fair
Business Design Centre, Islington, N1, London

The London Art Fair, running from 21-25 January this year, plays host to 128 UK-based Modern British and contemporary galleries including a number of cutting edge 'emerging' spaces in the 'Art Projects' area. Aimed at collectors of all levels, the fair is pulling out all the stops to support collectors, delivering a wide-ranging programme including talks, tours, films and performances.
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Press How the web has enticed collectors

Virginia Blackburn explains how you can learn a lot about art as well aws buying and selling online Published in The Times, February 14, 2004
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“If it weren’t for the war, we’d all be having a great time.” Taken from the series M*A*S*H, 1970.
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1:54 African Art Fair
Somerset House, London

Jenny Jones: A Report on 1:54 The African Contemporary Art Fair at Somerset House 19-19/10/14

Now in its second year, 1:54 has doubled in size and this transnational art fair is already well on the road to success in the art fair frenzy that aims to attract international art collectors and curators. The 54 countries of Africa are represented by dealers and their artists who show some of the best contemporary art from Africa. It is well worth the visit as there are some truly outstanding works on display.

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...The popular choice

"My Favourite Choices, is a collaborative celebration of some of the finest artworks exhibited online with A selection of our best selling, and most popular artists have each chosen their favourite works. We can't be more thrilled by the depth and variety of works they have chosen. These are the investor's choices."
Paul Wynter, Managing Director of
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Jamaican Artist Laura Facey 'RADIANT EARTH'

Exhibition open to public Wednesday 25th September - Friday 4th October, 9.30am-8.30pm. 19 – 22 Charlotte Road, EC2A 3SG, London. Facey’s solo exhibition in London, RADIANT EARTH, is a retrospective of her awe-inspiring work, including the much talked-about slave ship canoe titled THEIR SPIRITS GONE BEFORE THEM — a cottonwood canoe filled with 1,357 resin miniature figures. For further information contact Jessica Huie or Seyi Newell at JH PublicRelations 07985 424 772 Seyi 07983 440588 read more  


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