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My Favourite Choices by Anthony Barrow

“Here are a few artists that I aspire to.” AB

As one of our most popular artists Anthony Barrow has been featured as Londonart’s Artist of the Week. To read his archived review please click here

To view Anthony Barrow’s work, general exhibition pages and to look at his biography please click here

Explosion by Laura Andrews

"I love abstract paintings I see them as a refreshing change to the more mundane figurative works, this work for me has the colour and texture that is indicative of the title."AN
The Head of Yves Gobillard (after Degas)

The Head of Yves Gobillard (after Degas) by Daniel Cimmermann

"Daniels quirky paintings border on comedy and fear, somewhat clownish faces but at the same time rather unnerving."AB

A contrived setting for Maria by Reg Eldridge

"Reg has got it all in this figurative work, foreshortening, colour and provocative props."AB

Reg Eldridge has been one of Londonart’s Artist of the Week
a contrived setting for Maria
The unfinnished boy

The Unfinnished Boy by Christian Ward

"I just love his work the black background makes the colours stand out and the way he lets the paint run, very spontaneous."AB