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B.Felician Siebrecht

Digital art is an increasingly prevalent and credible medium in the art world. It may seem that art created digitally is a short cut when compared to more traditional painting techniques, yet it demands a certain innovative skill and focus of vision if it is to be effective.

Brigitte Felician Siebrecht is a media artist based in Munich. Born in Frankfurt her work was grounded in painting whilst studying at the Assenza Academy of Art in Dortmund, where she developed a style heavily based around the idea of 'synaesthesia', influenced by among others, the work of Kandinsky. This expressive style of painting sought to merge the worlds of music and art with bold abstract and energetic brushstrokes. The idea of synaesthesia is that sensory input into one sense will produce a response from another, in the case of Kandinsky it was hearing music and translating them visually into colours on a canvas.

Following this basis as an artist, Brigitte began a career working as a programmer of multi-media CD-Roms, whilst her art began to explore the possibilities of combining this new media with her training as a painter. The result was digital painting - starting with photographs and scans of original paintings, Brigitte works over them in a similar way as a painter would use a brush and paint, only this time with the tools of technology. Form and colour, light and dark, contrast of tone and shade, all aspects familiar to the painter (which is where she began artistically) are now assimilated into the work of the digital artist.

To produce these works one must have a complete knowledge of the computer programmes you are using, and the desired effects possible with them, and then be able to harness them skillfully. For Brigitte, the idea of 'synaesthesia' here becomes viewing an image that is based in reality yet is realised virtually on the screen of a computer; thereby creating a new form of perception in the realms of art and its media. As she says, "The intention is to let different digital surfaces grow together, and so to change the quality of each pixel in its meaning within the whole work. This causes a new visual impression somewhere between known and unknown elements of perception."

Visually Brigitte's digital creations are beautifully evocative of the spirit of the painter within, she uses a vibrant 'palette' as it were, with expressive highlights and additions to the original image beneath the layers of digital reworking. Painters themselves usually work this way, building up layers of paint to create different colour vibrations and depth of field. Conversely to what the name 'digital painting' suggests, what is ultimately produced is entirely original in its own right, an artwork that has crossed the boundaries between something created in reality yet achieved virtually. The results are then printed onto photographic paper in signed limited editions of 25.

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Quantum universe
Quantum universe
£ 2300

Lisa's integration
Lisa's integration
£ 1180