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Christian Gyogi-Mann

The complex and intense process by which Christian Mann generates his canvases, raises an equally commanding and involving response from the viewer. Describing himself as, "a palimpsest in motion", Christian Mann's multi faceted canvases record events, observation, opinion and emotion, and pack a vivacious beat of figures and their elements in progressive conversation. "I use my resources like a media centre - cutting and pasting ideas in my mind and sketchbooks, to create the opportunities to paint something that cuts across many of those ideas at once." He says. Frenetic yet always wildly ordered his work is quick paced and fast witted. "The art of what I do is about knowing that I don't know." He says, adding, "Not knowing why something has happened or looks as it does is fun".

Happy in his own skin, Christian uses everyday life to inspire and motivate his work. At twenty seven Christian Mann has built up a stock pile of visual experiences that at some point down the road, maybe in the next painting, possibly in a couple of years time will, in some convolution enter into and participate in his work. With an intuitive sense of comic timing his work is inspired by an intensity of feeling for an event, action or subject, which in turn will become part of a visual picture in the work. This playful sense of humour facilitates the translation of an event or idea in to a visual conversation in paint.

"Justified and ancient", says Christian Mann when asked, 'How does your work make you feel'. "I'm working on a piece called 'Without Insects We Are Dead' - I think I may have stolen a line or two from David Attenborough or something…" he says. "Let me explain...I don't know if anyone has been watching Planet Earth", he begins "I was sat in a pub with thirty locals two weeks ago, and for about half an hour with music blasting, every single person in the bar was transfixed to the TV watching weird birds prancing about. That program is awe inspiring."

From the mice who seem determined to eat their way in to his studio, to the conversation with the drunk guy who has gate crashed his latest show, every visual experience in all walks of life will play a directional role in one or more of his works. "You could say I'm talking to myself… but it feels more like I'm writing a diary about things that seem to matter at the time." Mann's collaged narratives express themselves within the canvas and outwardly to the viewer, effortlessly hanging together to form a new tête-à-tête.

Having only recently found the gumption to exhibit his work unaccompanied, Christian Mann's sensational, first solo exhibition in London took place in 2006. With a second exhibition and subsequent group shows already scheduled for 2007 we have no doubt that Christian will continue to be one of Londonart's most popular and celebrated artists.

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Drunk soldier
Drunk soldier

Without Insects We Are Dead
Without Insects We Are Dead
£ 1800