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Mary Louise Coulouris

"Recently My work has been about people… People I see fleetingly but know little about… People in the street or on a donkey. I am fascinated by them because I know so little about them." Mary Louise Coulouris.

Mary Louise Coulouris, the daughter of the famous British born Hollywood Actor George Coulouris, was brought up in Beverly Hills in the 1930's and 40's. 'Fussed over' by numerous Hollywood greats including the likes of Bette Davis and Jose Ferrar, her father was famous for his roles in Citizen Kane, Whom the Bell Tolls, I Accuse, Pappillon, Murder on the Orient Express and Watch on the Rhine.

Coulouris's experience of growing up in Hollywood, its creativity and eccentricities still has an enduring effect on her work today. Visiting the giant studios of the major movie companies and getting to know some of the most well know actors, directors and filmmakers of the day gave Coulouris an intimate knowledge of human interaction and creative expression incredibly early on in life.

"If the dream of becoming a successful artist is in any way connected to the memorable events of childhood, then Mary Louise Coulouris could hardly have wished for a better start." Gordon Wallace.

At the end of the 1940s George Coulouris returned to live in England bringing his family back with him. Having painted her first canvas at the tender age of eleven, Mary Louise seized the opportunity to begin her formal art training at the world famous Slade School of Art in London and later her post graduate study at the L'Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Paris.

Since completing her study in 1966 Mary Louise Coulouris has become a significant artist in her own right. A contemporary figurative painter and printmaker much of her work is influenced by the people and places she visits. Her recent series of works, collectively entitled 'Silouettes', is inspired by a period of stay in Hydra, Greece. Exhibiting in Greece - the birthplace of her grandfather - is something Coulouris has always wanted to do. Having spent over a year creating forty large scale paintings, this series of work culminated in a one man show in the Melina Mecouri Hall, Hydra, Greece in early 2005.

" Living and working on Hydra with this exhibition in mind has given me the opportunity to develop some figurative work I have long wanted to do. Strands of thought about the human figure, and skills leanrned at Art School could be developed. The viewer will see some works reflecting the classical past of Greece." Coulouris.

Mary Louise Coulouris is currently living and working in Britain. Participating in many group shows she has had over twenty solo exhibitions across Britain, France, America and Greece and has been awarded numerous awards and scholarships. Her work is held in numerous private and public collections and has become something of a serious art buyer's gem. Collections include; Sainsbury's PLC, Scottish Natural Heritage, Hambros Bank, Trinity College Oxford, New York Public Library, House of Lords, and the Royal Bank of Scotland.


Boat and Cats
Boat and Cats
£ 1350

Port people
Port people
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