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Shane Wheatcroft

In an age of, the pop idol, a society that is transfixed by the pursuit of celebrity status and the marketing of high fashions to the high street, the boundaries of high and low culture are willfully merging.

Shane Wheatcroft's paintings aim to question our notions of what is characterised as high and low art and in typical British fashion, he does it through his use of humour and wit. By cleverly combining and contrasting opposites, celebrity personalities, familiar imagery and popular iconography, he relies on our cultural familiarity with them to 'get the picture'. If you aren't familiar with the opening titles of from Russia with Love and Steptoe and Son then you'll miss the humour in 'From Oil Drum Lane With Love' and so on.

Film and television mediums have become part of our social and cultural commentators; in a world where music videos become celebrations of commercials and soap operas a magnification of everyday life, Shane Wheatcroft's paintings fit snugly into our consciousness.

Shane Wheatcroft studied Art and Visual Theories at degree level. Currently living and working in London Shane exhibits his painting across London where he has works in numerous private collections.

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Suite Dalliance
Suite Dalliance
£ 70

Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
£ 100