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Simon Temblett

We can all outwardly appreciate Simon Temblett's Art for its apparent beauty and poise, yet if we wish to wholly comprehend his work, we need to think beyond the form, and explore his work in its entirety.

Simon's childhood was far from easy. His Father suffered from Schizophrenia, a mental health illness which Simon now believes he suffers from, although in a somewhat milder form. His Fathers condition made it difficult for Simon to express himself as a child and so he began to find other ways of communicating his feelings.

"My drawing began, I think, as a means of expressing feelings I was unable to rationalise at an early age".

As an adult, Simon still continues to communicate his thoughts and concerns through a visual language, although now the process by which he does this is far more sophisticated and draws on all his life skills. So for Simon, the art of living and at times the actual act of staying alive became the foundation stone to his Art.

Simon's life has taken numerous twists and turns. He has travelled and lived under diverse circumstances and colourful situations, experiencing and coping with the extreme highs and lows which life has to offer.

Simon Temblett thinks about life through his work, it has stimulated and become his art.

"If I can share with another, my feelings about the world, free of the doctrine of words, perhaps the truths that I have found will be the same truths others find."

By using weathered and decaying wood and or bleached bones to create his wonderful sculptures, he hopes to express, "evidence of the beauty and necessity of death. It is, I think, peculiar to the human condition that from the days of our infancy we are able to contemplate the inevitability of our own deaths."

Simon's sculptures, often measuring just under life size, hope to make the viewer think, to inwardly reflect on our outlook on life and question and refresh our own sense of self.

"In my work I attempt to combine and contrast the potential and exuberance of life, expressed through the form and movement of a piece, with the urgency of impending death, present within the medium."

This is partly reflected in the forms he creates and the way in which he positions them but also by his choice of material and venue for the piece.

The permanent venues for Simon Temblett's art have become increasingly important to him. Not only does this help to enrich and reflect his creativity but also helps to execute the installation of his ever growing large scale works. In fact, he has recently altered his working practice so that he can except more commission based works. LondonArt is now fortunate enough to be able to offer you the opportunity of such a commission. All you have to do is contact LondonArt and we will collaborate with Simon Temblett on your behalf, it simply couldn't be easier.

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tree tattoo
tree tattoo
£ 740

Wind and Time
Wind and Time
£ 910