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Peter Rodulfo

Peter Rodulfo was born in 1958 and studied at the Norwich school of Art and Design from 1975 - 1979. The son of, Monty Rodulfo, a British Intelligence Agent, Rudolfo spent much of his childhood traveling across India and Australia, before later settling in Norfolk, UK. These early experiences and memories played a significant and defining role in shaping the artist and his career. "My early years were spent traveling across different countries, the first art that I saw was in the Ajunta Caves of India…" he says, , "It was in India, in 1963 that I realised my life would be spent painting, an intention that I have pursued to this day."

With a professional career now spanning over twenty five years, Rodulfo has produced a prolific and constant output of work. Utilising a variety of mediums and techniques his work crosses, painting, sculpture, collage, relief and construction. "I work largely from memory and imagination." he says. "I am more interested in the inaccuracies of memories than by their precision, and so my work treads the borderline between dreams and reality. "

With no preconceived ideas of subject, content or appearance, Rodulfo simply begins to paint. "The paintings often start as abstract…I play around with the paint until concrete forms start appearing either on the canvas, or in my mind." Appling layers and washes of colour, Rodulfo gradually establishes recognizable form and content within the composition - often radically deconstructing the appearance and altering its content before finally piecing the image back together. The apparent narrative is born out of the act of painting itself and in its evolution becomes solely owned by the painting rather than generated from a pre-conceived idea or intention. "It is sometimes supposed that there are stories behind my paintings, but there are none. I concentrate on the formal structure of the piece and the images come of their own accord." he says, adding, "They well up from what I presume to be a source within myself, and when they reach the surface they mingle with my more prosaic experiences and memories until they congeal into a fixed image." Through the act of painting, exploring and inventing, Rodulfo becomes one hundred percent lost in the painting. "I have to become immersed; almost unconscious… the nearest analogies would be sex and prayer. Once the images start appearing the picture takes on many possible lives…"he says. It is through this concentrated act of painting that Rodulfo gives the work its own independent voice and allows the viewer the freedom to truly experience the work.

Regularly taking part in group exhibitions and solo shows, both nationally and internationally, including, London, New York, Miami, Hong Kong, Latin America and Europe, his work is held in public and private collections across the UK and abroad.

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Lucky escape
Lucky escape
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Return of the odd shoes
Return of the odd shoes
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