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Rade Markovich

Rade Marchovich is a multitalented artist. A Painter, Sculptor and Furniture Maker, Rade was born in Serbia in 1957, and now lives and works in Belgrade where he is the owner and founder of the successful, Art studio RM, a creative organisation for artists working in the capital.

Originally trained as a Civil Engineer, Rade spent fifteen years working in the industry. In 1997, having always painted on a part time basis, Rade left Civil Engineering and began working as a full time professional artist.

Rade Markovich now produces a vast array of art in a variety of styles and genres. Utilising the materials which best reflect his subject matter, his dedication to his painting is complimented by a fervent commitment to his sculpture and contemporary furniture.

In order for Londonart to reflect the range and depth of his creative talents, we have divided his work into two exhibition spaces. You will find his paintings and relief sculptures exhibited under the name of Rade Markovich and his three dimensional sculpture and handmade furniture displayed under the name of Rade Markovich Woodart.

Presenting 'scenes from the world as it is', Rade Markovich's current paintings hope to express his emotional response to the 'world around him'.

His earlier collections of works, created at a time of war in the former Yugoslavia, seek to reflect, 'the meaningless actions brought by the war'.

"The paintings made in the time of war are part of a specific expressionism that reflects my feelings of pressure, spasm and helplessness. These paintings are of faceless girls, in spasm, in front of demolished houses and demolished futures."

His collection of relief works (also displayed under Rade Markovich) combine wood, oil paint and metal with found objects. Through his investigative and explorative use of three dimensional materials, Rade began to produce sculpture which accentuated and intensified its already inherent characteristics.

In 2001 Rade began creating one-off original pieces of furniture (displayed under Rade Markovich Woodart). Carefully selecting his wood for its age and beauty his original furniture is carved from Cherry, Walnut, Oak and Burnt Oak. His often quirky, yet practical designs draw on the same sense of playfulness and optimism which is intrinsic in all his current work.

Rade's energy and vivacity, producing a prolific amount of innovative and imaginative art work by effortlessly switching between subject, technique and material, is impressive on any scale. His desire to reflect the world around him leaves a progressive and coherent body of work and pinpoints his creative and emotional growth and development.

Rade Markovich's work has been exhibited across Serbia and Montenegro. In 1991 Rade Markovich was awarded First Prize from the Gallery Atrium in Belgrade and last year won the Special Award for Sculptural Furniture by the Belgrade Fair of Furniture.

To view Rade Markovich'e Paintings and Relief Sculpture please click here

To view Rade Markovich's Sculpture and contemporary Furniture please click here

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