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Katarzyna Kusak

Katarzyna Kusak was born 1979 in Stalowa Wola, Poland. After successfully completing a scholarship with the Polish Ministry of Art and Culture in 1999, Kusak went on to study for a further four years at the acclaimed Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. Kusak graduated from the Academy as master of sculpture in 2004. Since then she has exhibited throughout Poland and its capital city.

During her time at Warsaw Kusak collaborated with the sculptor Dominik Wdowski in the making of a monument of John Paul II which is now situated in city of Radom. The two artists joined forces again in 2005, to make a monument of Vladyslav of Gielniov situated in Warsaw. Kusak also contributed to two prominent exhibitions in Warsaw, ‘Duty and Rebellion - 100th anniversary of AFA Warsaw’ at the National Gallery Zacheta, and ‘Sculptors Photograph’ at Krolikarnia Gallery, a branch of the National Museum. The ‘Duty and Rebellion’ exhibition consisted of works created between 1944 and 2004, and represented the relations between historical and political realities and artistic attitudes.

Although London Art exhibits a handful of Kusak’s smaller sculptural works, the site showcases an exclusive collection of her two-dimensional oeuvre. The human figure is one of the most enduring themes in the visual arts and Kusak tackles this subject with flair and her paintings testify the fertility of her creative imagination. Kusak says of her work, ‘Inspirations for my works I mostly find in nature…I try not of copy nature but I create my reality as free record of events…Nature is only a pretext, a material for creating something new…Most important to me is to capture the mood…[‘Conversation’, 2002 - acrylic and pastel on paper] Situations shown in my works are often theatrical…My figures are mostly shown in interiors, surrounded by objects in dramatically arranged light. [‘Niekrasow’, 2007 - acrylic and pastels on paper]’

There is no better word than unique to describe Kusak’s masterful hybrid of drawing and painting techniques. Expressionistically brushed areas of color are often combined with strikingly discordant colours of oil pastel [‘Romek’, 2002 - acrylic and pastel on paper] The rich palate of colours juxtaposed together, the interplay of light and dark values, makes the figures seem to vibrate. [‘The Mirror’, 2003 - Acrylic on slab HDF]. Kusak’s work is testimony to the high-class of contemporary artwork available at London Art and it is with pleasure that we have selected her as our Artist of the Week.

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