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Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson is a senior lecturer in Film Studies at London Metropolitan University. As a visual artist she is primarily interested in digital media, film and video; in her painting this manifests itself in her fascination with the freeze frame. The subject matters for her dramatic depictions come mainly from police and medical dramas; whether it is a discussion in a pathology lab or the movements of police officers at a crime scene. Anne has a remarkable way of capturing the tension between moving and still images.

This focus on moments of high drama is the consequence of a broader concern with notions of time and consciousness. In her own words, Anne is 'captivated by the idea of the dense moment in time; articulating work which can slice through to a moment of "unconcealment"; a luxurious moment offering the spectator unlimited opportunity for the gaze to travel through the joyful surface qualities of light, colour and time to apprehend meaning and resonance in the depth of a picture or frame.'

It is this preoccupation with time manipulation that makes Anne's work so powerful. And it also lends her paintings a certain 3D quality because they deal not only with the time of the thing being told and the time of the telling, but also with the presence in time and space of the work of art itself.

'Using digital imaging, I construct sequences where visual narrative expectations are disrupted and the dimension of time is manipulated in such a way as to create dense/intense moments which are realized through layering and colour.'

There is something in the accomplishment of this desired effect that can be quite unsettling; Anne's ability to undermine conventional genre definitions is as disorientating as it is compelling. Her canvases are full of the action and intensity that we associate with television, and yet at the same time they are beautifully crafted, contemplative pieces of art. Ultimately, what this means is that her work stimulates thought and discussion. It is impossible to look at one of Anne's paintings and not find yourself wondering about the circumstances that it illustrates.

Anne studied for three years at Glasgow School of Art before completing a BA in Fine Art at St Martins and pursuing postgraduate qualifications at the University of Westminster and the University of Greenwich. She has contributed to both solo and group exhibitions in Britain and America. Her work has earned her several prestigious awards and she has also submitted papers for university conferences.

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