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Roger Colson

Roger Colson has been painting for over twenty years. An accomplished draughtsman, printmaker and painter, his recent series of landscape paintings has helped launched his career on a truly international scale.

Colson's work takes direct inspiration from the climate and reflects his detailed observation of the changing weather systems on the landscape.

Painting from many locations across the world, his work studies the rapidly changing light, at different times of the day, during different seasons and in different climates. The majority of Colson's titles reflect the location and or time of day and help pin point his artistic development. His candid and honest approach to titling provides us with immediate access and helps us to easily relax into each painting.

Roger Colson's ability to reflect the weather, the temperature and light is largely down to his capacity to paint the effect the weather has on the landscape rather than painting the landscape itself. In works such as The End of Summer, the sky and the water simply do not have any firm, compact forms, but are in a constant state of flux, changing from one moment to the next. The stormy surface of the sea and movement of the clouds is reflected in the rhythmic motions of his brushwork and thick textural application of oil paint.

"The colour of the sky changes dramatically over a matter of minutes during the early morning hours and perhaps over a slightly longer period in the evening. A series of completely different paintings can be created from those limited observations."

Touring from one side of the globe to the other, 2005 has already seen Roger Colson's work in a number of high profile exhibitions. Exhibitions include; Art for Life, Christie's, London, Art Caracas 2005, The Jogas Gallery, Venezuela, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tempus Stet Design Consultants, Dubai & London and The National Australia Bank, Melbourne, Australia.

In 2004 his work was exhibited in Miami, Canada, California, Dubai, New York, Edinburgh and Dublin, Glasgow, London, Venezuela and Dubai.

On March 13th 2006 Roger's work 'Over the Bay of Biscay in February' was auctioned at Christie's for Cancer Research UK's Art for Life event. The work got sold for 3200.

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£ 2460

No Wind Today 2
No Wind Today 2
£ 2380