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Artist of the week
John D. Gall

By blending art with science and mathematics, Gall shows the innate beauty of the world around us and revels in the desire for knowledge and understanding. Far from a one trick pony, this artist uses conceptions from different disciplines in order to create work that is meaningful, intelligent and inspirational.

These ideas are captured wonderfully in a series of highly skilled etchings which show how completely the artist has perfected his medium. His works are deeply atmospheric and contain many important and subtle details that combine to create the overall effect. It is very unusual in the arts world to see someone who can create aesthetically interesting works that also contain enough conceptual vigour to keep their audience looking hard.

His series on the seeker of knowledge shows a deep understanding of art historical moments and he creates works in the style of Picasso and Rembrant. These are not merely copies, but unique artworks inspired by certain moments in the artistic past. There are also references to the mythical Bacchus, drunk in his world of sensory excess and to the idea of a book of knowledge.

The link between maths and art is highlighted wonderfully in the mathematicians muse and in Gallís hands the mathematician takes on a rebellious, almost militant edge. These characters are fully formed and always intriguing, providing this collection with enough interest to keep a viewer returning. Studious and thoughtful, these paintings will provide any collector with years of stimulation.

by Alan Perkins


The Happy Wanderer on the Dead Tree Path
The Happy Wanderer on the Dead Tree Path
£ 400

Knowledge Seeker On Break  (edition of 12)
Knowledge Seeker On Break (edition of 12)
£ 170