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Zachary Walsh

What is drawing as opposed to painting?

If we are to presume that drawing is based on describing purely the outlines of shapes and forms with the use of line, usually constructed in black and white, while painting is concerned with planes of shapes and forms and is usually presented in full colour. Then it becomes strikingly clear when viewing Zachary Walsh’s work that there are an infinite variety of stages between a pure outline drawing and that of a painting made by only broad bands of colour.

Zachary Walsh’s intuitive and some what nervous, waverly line work combined with his emphasis on surface arrangement, abstract harmonies and close colour and tonal relationships, work together – both equally flattering and complementary acute. His work is a fantastic example of an artist blurring and crossing the divisions and definitions in art, which were invented to help organise and define an endless variety of styles and techniques.

Is it drawing is it painting? For Zachary, his talent as a draftsman is the foundation for all his art and so the question becomes arbitrary.

It is easy to see that Zachary finds great influence in great artists/draftsmen, such as Francis Bacon and Egon Schiele and although Zachary Walsh’s paintings do not echo the same intense horror or blatant eroticism as Bacon or Schiele (1890 – 1918), they hold some of the same magical qualities of distortion, elongation and a real sense of isolation. Without a doubt, they reflect some of the outstanding qualities of draftsman ship and reflect his own unique and sensitive gift for portraiture. Zachary Walsh produces some savagely beautiful paintings.

You can see additional work by Zachary Walsh in our’ Commission a portrait’ section and indeed why not commission him to paint a portrait.

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