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by Mohd Feroz Khan, view more artworks, artist's cv
48" x 36" (120 by 90cm.), oil on canvas

Mohd Feroz Khan has spent the last eight years studying under India's infamous painter Manjit Bawa. Feroz's father Ibrahim, a banner painter from Delhi, has also played an inspirational role in his life. Together the two generations of artist seek out inspiration from their surrounding environment. Feroz Khan's latest series of works focuses on the deprived areas of New Delhi. Haunting images of the elderly, rickshaw workers, beggars and children all hope to sensitively reflect some of the despondency he finds within the city. In 2004 Feroz Khan traveled to Barcelona to work on a project with Rajiv Sethi. Currently living in New Delhi, his work is in private collections across India and abroad.

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