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Free Range Chic
Free Range Chic
by Raymond Lim, view more artworks, artist's cv
26.4" x 18.4" (66 by 46cm.), Oil on Board

Raymond Lim is a perfect example of how being self-taught can endow an artist with a sense of freedom in the way they make their work. Lim's output spans a wide range of subject matter and includes some very unique creations such as "Dear oh Deer" and "Lovey Dovey". Obviously an animal lover, creatures move through his work, enlivening his compositions and bringing a sense of joy to every picture. He is drawn to linear experimentation, often with shapes fitting into others by way of a complicated interwoven filigree. The colour scheme bears a distinctly feminine feel, embracing soft pastels: pinks, blues, yellows and soft greens. Despite being self taught, Lim's oeuvre bears a distinct resemblance to the work of Picasso and his naieve but practised vision.

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