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Lee Guthrie

My work explores the interwoven themes of surface, journey and time. This focuses on the effect time - as witnessed in the processes of erosion and deterioration - has on the body and on our environment. The sites I choose to document stand out as tangible evidence of time passing at a rate we do not perceive directly, but only see the results of. This leaves a kind of present evidence we can interpret as a still frame in a journey or a fragment of history, An example of this can be seen in the lines and furrows of the ageing process. I like to interpret this unstoppable process using materials with their own inherent vitality such as bitumen, wax and wood.

I see the body as an ever-changing vessel that carries and protects us through time. The surface is our most direct visual evidence we have of that time passing. I have chosen to represent the area of my whole body surface capturing a moment of time that signifies my previous history. This processes serves as a monument to our physicality within the world. I am fascinated by time and how the seemingly obvious existence of it is hotly debated within the scientific community. Many experts state that time has no direction but to most of us, it clearly does. Physicist Julian Barbour argues in his recent book “The End of Time” that time, as we understand it does not exist at all and is a conceptual trick that our mind plays on us.

Most people’s surface area is between 1.6 and 2.1m squared, and that’s all we’re ever likely to see of each other.


2000-2003 The University of Leeds, BA. Fine art - Sculpture.
1998-2000 North Tyneside College.

Group Exhibitions:

2007 - Instants of Time: The Surface Portraits and Journeys, Waygood hanging wall gallery.

2007 - Baltic: Photo Pool, Photographs of drawings and paintings shown in Baltic cinema and cafe.

2006 - Several new works on display at the Art Apartment in Knaresborough.

2005 - The Mekong, Saigon Saigon, Pham Ngu Laos, Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam.

2005 - Angkor, Heart of Darkness, Le Tan Ton, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

2004 - Art Apartment, Green Dragon Yard, Knaresborough

2004 - Open Door Art, The Love Apple, Bradford

2003 - Art into Art, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle

2003 - Feva, Knaresborough Festival of Visual Arts, at the Art Apartment.

2003 - Imprint, Baines wing exhibition space, University of Leeds.

2003 - 126240hrs Degree Show, Longsides studios, Bretton Hall, Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

2002 - Vault, The Blank Canvas, Granary Wharf, Leeds.

2001 - Small Works Exhibition, Northumbria University Gallery.

2000 - Selling Exhibition, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle– Etchings.