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Samuel Lambert

I like to explore different mediums and constantly like to experiment, my work has to flow with me at the time, i like to imagine each picture as a still or moments of thought captured (which is part of the reason why i like to included images within my work). For this reason I generally work quickly and apply colour loosely and boldly, and try to explore current emotions i feel. I listen to music while painting which helps with the escapisim aspect of my work and helps me to become isolated and focus solely on my work. My current works are produced using printing ink, but i mostly use Oil on Canvas simply because i like the rich deep tones that are produced, i also find it perfect for working with as i can continously mix further into it.

My current artwork on display is simplistic yet when you i look at it again and again i start to find underlying emotions in line and tone that i hadn't noticed or felt while painting. I enjoy this factor with my work and i guess everyone will definitely have a different interpretation.