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Alex Holland

Alex Holland was born in Yorkshire, UK, in 1982. After graduating in 2004 with an MSci in physics from Imperial College London, he pursued his passion and began a freelance career in photography. Soon after embarking on this journey, he photographed London extensively and was given his first exhibition in London. He found his subject and has specialised in photography of cities ever since. Over the years Alex has focused primarily on photographing cities at their most serene between sunset and sunrise, capturing a unique light through the use of long exposures. As an early advocate of digital photography, Alex was free to develop his atmospheric signature style with vivid colours and cities devoid of people.

Over the last seventeen years Alex has established himself as one of the leading photographers of cities, attracting clients from across the UK, China, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore and the US. He is currently working on a five-year project to photograph one hundred world business cities.

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