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Joseph Gerges

I have worked as an advertising photographer for years.

Now I'm concentrating on fineart photography using the computer and printing on a wideformat inkjet printer with pigmented inks for archival quality.

I try to simplify my approach to photography in order to achieve a more subtle end result, and to let the subject matter reveal itself more readily. This is of course easier to do in still life photography, where you can isolate the subject from its surroundings, but the attitude spills over to other areas as well.

There is now a general trend among fineart photographers to rediscover old processes and techniques, and I find that this helps to set the medium apart from other artforms.

Although I use the computer to produce my artwork, I regard it as a tool of convenience and greater control over the image rather than a fascination with the available technology.

Exhibiting one's work on the internet has made it easier to reach a much broader audience and to receive near immediate feedback.

Now it is also easier to view and evaluate the work of others and to be inspired by them.