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Hassen Soufy

"While remaining a realist painter who avoids the modern artist's acrobatics, that look for elsewhere, for nothing to finally say, you are a true painter, and by your imagination you achieve the full works of charm that perfectly personalise you." Dr Oscar GHEZ. Président of the Modern Art Museum " Petit Palais " GENEVA. 05/01/93. "The paintings of the artist painter H.SOUFY reveals the love of life. This painter always produces quality work, a true happiness. The works of H. SOUFY suggest the terrestrial paradise." F. CHARGUI Arts Critic The Press le19/02/98"H.SOUFY is an artist who lives challenge and sensuality, for ever bound to him by the feeling for life. The Beautiful is unaware of torments, the sadness, and the chaos. He is full of harmony, exhalation, serene whispered agreement and tasty pleasure. His paintings contain ingenuity, dreaming, sweetness of life. His painting is only an invitation to a self-knowledge of the universe.The artist is continually under the ascendancy of emotion." Z. LASRAM Art's Critic and Painter - Born in Tunis.
- Graduate of the "Beaux Arts" of Tunis.
- Graduate of the Superior Arts Decorative of Paris.
- Teaches the decoration and the history of the art to the Beaux Arts.
- Participate to several exhibitions in the world:
- U.S.A, Canada, France, Germany, London
- Turkey, Italy, Morocco, Greece, Spain.....
- Exposes in Canada: Gallery Saibam Montreal,
- Won Silvery medal of International exhibition in Montreal
- Exhibits in Paris by Romanet’s gallery
- Present to the sales at the public bids to the Dropout hotel.
-Quoted on the dictionary and gallery "DROUÔT QUOTATION" of
the modern and contemporary artists. France
- Acquirement of a works by the National Museum Center of
the Contemporary Art of Paris (C.N.A.C).
- 1st price of painting of International exhibition of Cagnes sur mer
( France )
- Present in the dictionary “BENEZIT” of the modern and contemporary artists. Italia

Chef décorateur Tunisien dans des productions avec :
Spielberg ( Indiana Jones ).
George luckas ( Stars wars ).
Akhdar Hamina ( Chroniques des années de braises.
Peter Brook (Conférence) of birds ) Persépolis.
Rossellini ( Jésus ) et Monthy Python