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Matthew  Slade

Matthew Slade was born in Buckinghamshire in 1975 and studied Graphic Design at Dunstable College and then decided that photography and illustration was his true inspiration.
After completing a HND in Technical & Informational Illustration at Anglia
University Matt had the skills essential in order to accurately create the
images that were drifting around his subconscious.

Matt has been developing a large variety of artworks in various mediums and
exploring digital manipulation and photography to arrive at bizarre concepts that
will question your perception as you analyse his captivating creations.
With a strong focus on patterns in nature and fractal geometry, Matt has
combined these elements with the human form to produce a series of figurative pieces that are truely unique.


Fractalization within nature has always challenged our visual sight and
that of any machine we have created in order to find a definitive end or
start of scale, as scale is only relative to our dimension.
Everything is created and composed within naturaly formed fractals
which replicate and evolve to infinity. Matt's work is influenced by these
organic laws of nature and he is trying to control and focus their
natural elements of symmetry and morphing the different formations
into a alternative surreal vision of what nature could create.
Inspired by the Fibonacci Sequences of mathmatics in nature and the
aesthetic doctrines of the ancient Greeks to the growth patterns of plants
which he has taken to the next level of visual exploration.