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Michael  Gonsalves

Having a passion for art science and philosophy a common thread that binds the disciplines is the morphic nature of PATTERN. From the delicate webbing on a leaf to the orbits of sub atomic particles., pattern is a fluid constant of nature and art.
My intent is to translate the wonder and beauty of form, light and colour using digital technology to express the holographic nature of pattern.
In the study of philosophy, science and the arts it is evident that symmetry is a central and recurring pattern, from sub atomic particles to the orbits of the cosmos. The digital world of computing has provided us with exciting opportunities to appreciate the beauty of nebulas such as Orion, Helix &c as well as capture images of electron traces in particle accelerators. The Helix series was created from an image of the Helix nebula which has been digitally reworked into images that are in the micro perspective.
The 'pipe' series was in a sense a bit of fun that I had with an image of a set of bronze pipes provided by a friend from work. This is an abstract series with subtle reference archetype and metaphor. I was also working with the idea of holographic reflections in a crystalline form.