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Slo Gutierrez

SLO Gutierrez is intriguing. Passionate about Beauty and constantly developing, this exacting artist leads you into his astonishing universe through his fascinating work.

Born in 1969, SLO discovers his need to create at an early age. He finds an outlet for his creativity in fashion design, and achieves distinctions and awards during his studies.
Creating costumes for stage productions, he discovers the world of the theatre, the stage, and eventually…Minimalism.

As a freelance designer, he goes on to work for Montana, while studying Art History. Fascinated by Aestheticism, he continues to push his ideas and research on Minimalism further. He experiments and creates different techniques to establish his own inimitable style, finally perfecting his very particular technique that gives his paintings their extraordinary luminosity. He goes on to create his own materials, colours, environments and atmospheres. His inexhaustible imagination and refined technique give his compositions originality and a startling uniqueness.

“I consider myself as a painter, but overall as a manipulator of colours” says SLO Gutierrez.

The colours catch the eye and draw it in, leaving the viewer wondering how the effect is achieved. Minimalist variations are a testament to SLO’s original style.


Minimalism art is a work of finely shaded repetition.

The main goal of my research is to obtain a combination of light and colour, according to my own personal development and following my own internal logic. For me, this process is about associating plastic and aesthetic values into a harmonious, fascinating and hypnotic synthesis.

Blue Monochrome:
Blue often brings a feeling of closeness and intimacy. As if conditioned, the mind connects with the blue monochrome bringing the art lover closer to the work, creating then an intimate relationship which generates deeper thoughts.

Blue colour also has a generic image; that of the sky and the sea. It nevertheless remains the most abstract colour in tangible and visible nature.

So presented, the colours and variations give full scope and complete freedom to the art lover, allowing the individual to interpret each image as he or she desires.